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We know these are challenging times for everyone around the globe. Safety, security and business continuity are critical. To support a company’s ability to work remotely, Xton has made our XTAM Remote Employee Gateway FREE for new installs through June 1, 2020.

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Remote Access Resources

As companies (and their IT departments) work to ensure remote access for workers and maintain security, keep these tips in mind – update VPNs, rotate passwords, use MFA and create a secure gateway for IT admins.

XTAM introduces three new reports; Workflow Bindings, Alert Subscriptions and Report Subscriptions. The Workflows Bindings report allows those with the appropriate permissions to understand all users that have a workflow binding associated to any selected object, including those users who are bound due to being in a group, and each specific configuration. The Alert and Report Subscriptions report allows System Administrators or Auditors to review all alerts and reports that their users are subscribed. This report adds another level of discovery for Admins to fully understand the use of XTAM and to better understand users’ interest for further analysis into objects like Session Risk Scores and Ratings.
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For secure Remote Session access, we added the option to enable or disable file transfers for in-browser sessions as well as for sessions established using native RDP or SSH clients. The option allows system owners to block file upload and download to specific servers following regulations and compliance requirements as well as security practices for highly sensitive access.
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Authentication Audit Events Now Generated
The XTAM Audit Log report now includes login, authentication failure and logout audit log events to track user authentication activities. The allows for tracking of failed authentication attempts as well as successful login and logout events in relation to the client IP address as well as the user. Authentication events are also generated when users connect using the XTAM SSH Proxy.
XTAM now provides an end-point URL ( to generate your proxy.pac configuration file for browsers to use to system proxy setting based on the configured global property HTTP Proxy Domains. The update also added system end-point URL to generate proxy.pac configuration file for the browsers to use to system proxy setting based created WEB Portal records. Both URL end points simplify HTTP Proxy configuration by allowing to quickly redirect client-side browser to use XTAM as an HTTP proxy server managing the traffic to the remote WEB Portals.
Read our FAQ on Web HTTP Sessions
We have extended the ability to cancel or terminate already approved workflows to any user that is included in the Workflow Template (previously this was restricted to System Administrators and only those who approved the workflow). With this extension, all Approvers can now enjoy more control over workflows without requiring elevated permissions to the Records, Folders or XTAM directly, increasing the separation of roles.
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Time Windows for Automated Exports
XTAM System Administrators can now set a Time Window for their scheduled system exports. This allows more control over when the automated exports take place to accommodate other IT activities such as maintenance windows or scheduled downtime. To configure your Time Window, simply navigate to Administration > Settings > Parameters > Export Time Window and enter or select your window.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Optimized general Folder browsing;
  • Added a Record Type quick navigation option from record view;
  • Added an easier method to copy a Record ID to your clipboard; and
  • More user insight into their use of SSH keys for authentication.
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