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Privileged Access Management simplified.

IT admins love privileged accounts while security departments hate them. Learn about some of the many solutions in which XTAM can help reconcile this strained relationship.

How Xton Access Manager Can Help You

Protect from Threats both Inside and Beyond your Firewall

Easily maintain a minimum set of permissions levels of IT and Network administrators to limit your internal attack surface. Prevent outside threats from accessing your system by concealing admin and root level passwords from contractors so they can not be disseminated intentionally or unintentionally (social engineering).

Safely Share Privileged and Root Access with Remote Contractors

Keep your credentials safe while still maintaining the effective use of Remote Contractors. Grant remote contractors (permanent, temporary or time based) access to your network systems without disclosing your most trusted secrets, be it passwords, root access, certificates or keys.

Periodically Rotate Privileged Account Passwords to Maintain Security

Ensure strong passwords and frequent changes for privileged accounts and minimize the number of users who can access them. In addition, security, audit and session logs will keep tabs on when, who and what users are doing with your privileged accounts. Prevent social engineering of your network credentials by simply not disclosing this information to your user base.


Decrease your Attack Surface by Limiting Privileged Accounts

Decrease your attack surface by limiting the number of accounts with elevated privileges thus decreasing the likelihood of your accounts being used by inside or outside threats.


Monitor and Record Privileged Sessions for Forensic and Regulatory Compliance

Monitor and log security, audit, keystrokes and session activity to better understand the “who”, “what” and “when” actions associated to your privileged accounts and systems.


Maintain Strong Passwords for Privileged Accounts to Prevent Brute Force Attacks

Automatically generate (and periodically rotate) passwords of varying complexity to meet even the most stringent of IT Standards and Policies.


Discover and Lock down Privileged Accounts and Insecure IoT Network Devices

Automatically locate, manage and secure privileged accounts found across your network infrastructure. This includes IoT and Network Devices that may have appeared unnoticed.


Delegate Execution of Privileged Commands to Increase Troubleshooting and Response Times

Enable lesser privileged users execute scripts, commands and operations using elevated permissions on your critical systems without disclosing the credentials.


Increase Application Security by Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for All or Selected Groups or Users

Require all or some users and groups to use a second authentication method (typically their phones) to log into XTAM in order to access your privileged accounts and systems. A second layer of security to ensure outside users do not get access to your security.


Store and Share Security Keys and Certificates with Users to Safely Increase Productivity

Store your sensitive files like certificates, key, passphrases and code-signing certificates in a secured vault. Easily share these files with appropriate users while maintaining the highest level of security and auditing in the market.

Xton Access Manager Features

Account Management
Protect your privileged accounts from being shared or abused by inside and outside threats.

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Session Management
Restrict, observe and record privileged sessions, block rogue operations from being executed and create a full audit trail of events.

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Job Management
Define policies that will automate password resets and repetitive administrative activities and jobs.

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