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Xton is now Imprivata

Xton joins Imprivata, the digital identity company for healthcare — and beyond.

IAM + PAM = Digital identity maturity

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Share, audit and provide secured access to your privileged accounts, passwords, secrets, certificates and keys.
Enable recorded remote access to your servers, devices and web portals for both employees and contractors.
Increase security policies using automated task execution for both administrators and elevated users.

Secure your Credentials, Passwords and Secrets

Your privileged accounts are critical to the successful and productive operation of your business. Ensure their security, with actionable audit trails and reporting, while maintaining minimal disruption to your employees and processes.
With strong password requirements, automated password rotation and “no password access” built into its core, rest easy that you are taking the appropriate steps to maintaining IT compliance and preventing security breaches.

Secure Remote Sessions Done Agentlessly

Create secure, interactive remote session within your standard web browser to a remote server, network device or website without disclosing the passwords to your employees or contractors. Or use your favorite native SSH client like PuTTY, SecureCRT or WinSCP to create secure, password-less SSH Proxy or SSH Tunnels sessions!
Additionally, XTAM can facilitate secure connections to Web Sites or Web Management Portals without revealing the login credentials using common browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
Layered with auditing capabilities, recording (both video and keystrokes), workflow approval and Command Control, your devices and infrastructure will never be more secure.

Automation for Administrative Tasks

Never again have old or commonly used passwords set to your most privileged devices or accounts. XTAM’s Job Engine will enforce your Password Policies and automatically reset or rotate them when you need.
Agentless Endpoint Privilege Management
Maintain local endpoint privileges without deploying agents across your enterprise. Define your custom policies that will automate password resets and execute repetitive or elevated administrative activities and jobs without compromising security.

Full Control; When and Where it is most needed

Using your favorite web browser (desktop or mobile), have complete insight into who, what and where your accounts and systems are being accessed to conform to today’s rules and regulations. Safely share permissions, join or terminate active sessions, review and rate session recordings, audit activity events, receive alerts and notifications and much more.

Pass audits with ease

Prove your systems are under compliance using robust event tracking and reporting for all user and system activities.
Secured Password Vault, Interactive Remote Sessions, Password Reset and Privileged Task Automation to meet all your IT and Security demands.
Xton Access Manager is a full security solution that ensures your accounts and devices are secured against threats, both internal and external.
Secure your privileged infrastructure from threats both within and beyond your firewall today.
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Simple Install. Zero Agents. Affordable Pricing. Unlimited Use.
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