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Privileged Session Management

Xton Access Manager establishes a secure, interactive session to remote Windows, Unix or Mainframe endpoints, Network Devices like Cisco, Juniper or Palo Alto, and Websites or Web Management Portals, all while using a standard web browser or native SSH clients without disclosing your secrets. It includes this key regulatory ingredient to your IT security tool belt by providing compliance officers the ability to observe in real-time or playback later any previously recorded privileged sessions. Answer all your “who”, “when” and “what” privileged activity scenarios while maintaining the highest level of security.


Secure Sessions – Fast, Easy and the way it should be.

Create Secure Remote Sessions

Establish browser based secured access to remote desktop or shell terminals allowing employees or outside partners safe, secured and monitored access to devices inside your network.

XTAM also supports the secure use of native client applications like PuTTY, SecureCRT and WinSCP, including SSH Proxy and SSH Tunnel options.

PAM Privileged Session Management

Record Video Sessions for Playback

Optionally video record sessions to remote computers for future playback to comply with industry regulations, to learn from experience or to investigate incidents. Grant permissions for users to enable sessions with or without recording.

Privileged Session Video Recording

Keystroke and Clipboard Text Event Recording

Always-on keystroke and clipboard logging ensures that all user keystroke inputs and clipboard text are captured for continuous monitoring and enhanced session security.

XTAM Keystroke and Clipboard Event Recording Report

Join in Real Time or Terminate Active Sessions

Join live sessions to observe user activity on remote computers, share knowledge, assist with troubleshooting or simply monitor usage to ensure compliance and security standards.

Terminate active sessions when foul activity is suspected and then quarantine the record’s access afterwards with permissions so the user cannot return.

Join or Terminate Privileged Sessions

Review Session Audit Logs for Compliance

Fully embedded auditing for remote computers’ access including search, filtering and export as well as a syslog API.

Privileged Session Compliance Audit Logs

Launch Remote Applications from within your Browser

Configure XTAM to securely launch remote applications directly in the user’s browser session without disclosing logins, passwords or secrets.

This includes MS SQL Management Studio, MySQL Workbench, Oracle SQL Developer, iSeries PC 5250 Emulator, Toad for Oracle and more.

Launch Native Remote Applications in your Browser

RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet and HTTPS

Connect to remote computer and web endpoints using a variety of the most modern and popular protocols.

RDP, SSH, VNC and Telnet Privileged Sessions

HTTPS Web Proxy

Allow secure connections to Web Sites or Web Management Portals without disclosing the login credentials.

Remote HTTPS Web Proxy Sessions

Open Multiple Connections

Open multiple active connections from the same client computer simultaneously to improve workflow and productivity.

Expandable for Growing Businesses

Work for a multi-office or international business? Session Management is easily expanded so that operations can be centrally located in each geography to maximize the end user experience.

HTML 5 Compliant
Based on the latest web standards, it runs smoothly in all modern day browsers, including mobile and tablet devices.
No Agents, Extensions or Applets
Requires only server side installation. No agents are required for any operation on the server or client side.
AD and Multi-factor Authentication
Enhance your security by integrating with Active Directory or MFA authentication from the most popular providers like Google and Duo Security.
Unix or Windows Hosting
The application components could be installed on any modern Windows or Linux computer.
Multiple RDBMS support
Keep encrypted application data in the embedded database or MS SQL, Oracle, MySql or PostgreSQL database.
AES-256 Encryption
Data in the identity vault is encrypted with AES-265 based encryption. For additionally security, the application can store the master key on a computer separate from the main application or from the application database.
High Availability Option
The system components could be installed on multiple nodes across computers, connected through a load balancer, to ensure that failure of a node will not impact system availability.
The system components could be installed on multiple computers to increase performance. The system supports multiple WEB Front Ends, session managers and job engines to process tasks like discovery, password reset or script execution.


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