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MSP & MSSP Privileged Access Management Software

Looking for a way to manage privileged accounts, sessions and tasks for multiple clients? Xton Access Manager for MSP and MSSP is your central hub for securing your clients endpoints, auditing access, recording user activities and more. Here’s what XTAM MSP can do for you and your clients:


XTAM Privileged Access Management MSP Software
Secure your clients privileged assets
Create multi-tenant vaults with individual client nodes
Monitor and record remote sessions on privileged endpoints
Permit elevated task execution to authorized users
Generate and share client specific auditing and reports
Available with Friendly and Affordable Licensing Model



Improve your MSP offering with XTAM

Multi-Tenant Vaults

Safely manage multiple clients from a single deployment. Create a multi-tenant vault hierarchy for your customers’ privileged assets. This includes personalized reporting, permissions, workflows, remote access and task execution for each of your clients.

While a customer retains full ownership to only their own vault stored assets, permissions enacted on MSP personnel allows them (gated) access to each customer’s assets to maintain overall XTAM operations.


XTAM PAM Multi-Tenant Client Vaults Architecture

Easily Deployed Client Nodes

While no client or server agents are required for XTAM, you can optionally deploy a single, secure proxy node to their isolated network (on premise or cloud). This single node provides the required communication protocol from your XTAM Vault to the customer’s network to create remote sessions and execute tasks. These nodes do not communicate with each other, adding yet another layer of separation between your customers’ assets.


XTAM PAM Customer Node configuration

Unique Permissions per Vault

Ensure the safety of your client’s assets with strongly configured, unique permissions which prevents them from accessing each other’s secrets but does not limit your administrators from performing their duties.


XTAM PAM Vault Security and Permissions

Client Auditing & Reports

Create reports including Audit, Access, Permissions and Inventory specific to each client’s vault or generate global reports across the entire XTAM deployment.


XTAM PAM Vault and Customer Reports

Flexible Deployment Models for Multiple Scenarios

XTAM supports modern deployment scenarios including on-premise, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments. With its small and lightweight footprint, gone are the days where massive hardware is required to effectively run full-scale enterprise PAM software.

Approval Workflows for Enhanced Security Access

Configure and implement unique, vault-based approval workflows (also known as Dual Control, Four-Eyes or Peer Approval) to your customer’s records to enable additional security. Apply workflows to MSP Administrators to prevent unauthorized access to your customer’s privileged assets.
XTAM PAM Customer Workflow Request

Alerts & Notifications

Never be left in the dark again. Setup alerts and notifications to be aware when users are sharing, using or modifying your records.
XTAM PAM Vault Alerts and Notifications

Session Recording

Optionally record remote session activity including video, keystroke and file transfers to remote computers for regulatory compliance.
XTAM PAM Vault Session Recording

Iron Clad Security

A fully secure AES-256 encrypted Identity Vault maintains total control over all your accounts, secrets and records. A provided master password ensures a “break glass” operation can be performed in an emergency. Your sleep just became a lot more peaceful.

HTML 5 Compliant
Based on the latest web standards, it runs smoothly in all modern day browsers, including mobile and tablet devices.
No Agents, Extensions or Applets
Requires only server side installation. No agents are required for any operation on the server or client side.
AD and Multi-factor Authentication
Enhance your security by integrating with Active Directory or MFA authentication from the most popular providers like Google and Duo Security.
Unix or Windows Hosting
The application components could be installed on any modern Windows or Linux computer.
Multiple RDBMS support
Keep encrypted application data in the embedded database or MS SQL, Oracle, MySql or PostgreSQL database.
AES-256 Encryption
Data in the identity vault is encrypted with AES-265 based encryption. For additionally security, the application can store the master key on a computer separate from the main application or from the application database.
High Availability Option
The system components could be installed on multiple nodes across computers, connected through a load balancer, to ensure that failure of a node will not impact system availability.
The system components could be installed on multiple computers to increase performance. The system supports multiple WEB Front Ends, session managers and job engines to process tasks like discovery, password reset or script execution.



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