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Xton Technology Partners are an extension of our team, helping to bring Privileged Access Management and Enhanced Security to businesses of all sizes.



Xton Technologies resellers play a vital role in delivering our solutions to customers worldwide.

Reseller Partners include value-added resellers, national resellers and distributors. You gain a high value starting point combined with ease of doing business with products and services that enhance your security offerings to customers.


Alliance Partners have technologies that compliment Xton Technologies’ Access Manager platform. Through close collaboration with our alliance partners, we’ve created a security ecosystem to help you protect your sensitive privileged accounts.

The partnership between Xton Technologies and its technology partners is creating more cost effective and easy to manage PAM solutions that can protect sensitive system against both insider and outsider threats.

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Xton’s certification exams validate the skills and knowledge of system integrators and resellers. Test takers
who pass the certification exams earn the distinction of being Xton Certified Professionals.
The key benefits of certification for Xton partners are:

  • Provides you with formal certification
  • Validates your Xton skills and knowledge
  • Establishes your credibility and expertise with your peers
  • Gives you more visibility within the marketplace

To learn more about becoming certified please contact us at


Xton Technologies is committed to delivering value for our reseller partners that:

  • Create new opportunities
  • Increase your profitability
  • Differentiates you from your competitors

Through sales and technical training, marketing and sales tools, and reliable technical support, you are fully enabled to deliver proven Privileged Account Management and valued expertise to your customers.


  • Product and services offering that put you in control of a profitable recurring revenue stream
  • Growth incentives proportionate to your investment
  • Resources to help elevate your status from IT adviser to business leader
  • World-class technology enhances your business
  • Powerful messaging available in a myriad of mediums and formats that changes customers’ view of security



Become a Partner

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    XTAM Partner - ALSO


    ALSO bundles logistics services, financial services, supply services, solution services, digital services, and IT services together into individual service packages. ALSO is active in 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

    XTAM Partner - Aquion


    Aquion provides software solutions to accelerate and secure businesses ranging from Systems and Network Management, Project Management, Security Products, Enterprise Architecture, Office Productivity and more. In addition, Aquion has a team of professional technicians that are certified in many of our key offerings, providing implementation, training and ongoing support services. Founded in 2000, our growth has been underpinned by providing the very best customer service and customer experience. We are a vibrant company with a dedicated professional team, committed to adding value to our customers and vendors through our dedicated sourcing and licensing specialists, business development operatives, technical support team and strategic product marketing, collaborating for our shared benefit.

    XTAM Partner - CFIT


    The CFIT Management & Transactional Advisory Services’ team & its partner consultants (who are sourced from the capital investment and financial services’ markets, management services, Information Technology & Communications [ICT] industries and legal fraternities) have cooperated on many IT Outsourcing and IT Business Evaluations, IT and Mobile Technology Services’ Implementation Contracts, Private – Public – Partnership (PPP) type deals and Management and Alliance – Partnering in large scale services’ ventures/deals.

    XTAM Partner - Cognitive Global

    Cognitive Global

    Cognitive Global is your next generation IT Global solutions provider. Headquartered in Dubai Technology and Entrepreneurs center (DTEC), our founding team comprises of highly competent experts with potent technology skills crafted from a wealth of experience.

    Our key verticals are Infrastructure management, Enterprise solutions, and Cybersecurity solutions. Our portfolio comprises of innovative solutions that are delivered with perfect alignment with our customer’s requirements.

    Xton Technologies Partner - CyberDNA


    CyberDNA helps other organizations to protect their data and have a complete visibility over your attack vectors. We believe it is important for your business to know who has access to what data, for what duration and with what level of authorization. We help you to identify the risks and minimize them across your attack vectors.

    Xton Technologies Partner - Cydentiq


    Cydentiq is a leading cybersecurity company focused on helping organizations to build the identity security journey from a more holistic approach to protect business against digital risk – ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time and doing the right thing for the right reason.
    We are a group of people driven by WHY and HOW. Identity security is in our DNA. With our team of 10 years’ experience focused in identity management domain – IGA, IAM, PAM, SSO, MFA, Insider Threat, we are committed to help you succeed in building the next-generation identity security platform that is integrated, scalable and sustainable using our ultimate identity security framework and customer success methodology.

    XTAM Partner - GuidePoint Security

    GuidePoint Security

    GuidePoint Security LLC is a Virginia-based cyber security company that provides world-class solutions designed to create a safer, more secure technological environment for customers and citizens.

    GuidePoint Security provides trusted cybersecurity expertise, solutions, and services that help organizations make better decisions and minimize risk. By taking a three-tiered, holistic approach for evaluating security posture and ecosystems, GuidePoint enables some of the nation’s top organizations, such as Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies, to identify potential threats and gaps, align and optimize resources and integrate best-fit solutions that mitigate risk. For more information, visit

    XTAM Partner - IT Analytics

    IT Analytics

    Founded in 2016, IT Analytics is committed to offering you the safest and most innovative solutions to protect the information of your users and customer. Our goal is to offer you visibility within your organization to optimize your business and thus make better decisions.

    XTAM Partner - itsika


    itsika is a Danish consultancy company specialised in delivery of services within the areas of Security Operations, Security Architecture and Privileged Access Management. We deliver our services to companies of any size and across business verticals.

    XTAM Partner - IT2Trust


    IT2Trust A/S is one of the leading distributors of Cyber Security and business-critical IT solutions, covering the Nordic market. At IT2Trust we do more than just move products from vendors to resellers, and their end consumers.
    Our mission is to provide the best knowledge, training and added value services, together with the most acknowledged and trusted IT-security brands on the market.
    IT2trust helps resellers to develop and grow their IT-security business, extent their knowledge, and make end customers satisfied with their investment and solutions. IT2Trust can if needed, help with the entire customer journey from reseller and end customer advices to PoC and to the final installations and Cyber Security Services.

    XTAM Partner - MMTEC


    MMTEC is part of NGENTI S.A. DE C.V., a Mexican company 100% customer oriented with a renewed vision of quality and customer service at a competitive price point. There are many options when it comes to IT offerings and most of them promise the same thing: IT security solutions and services, however, the majority of today’s companies simply don’t have the same experience, backing, or innovative new approaches that MMTEC can offer analyzing the whole business to find the best solution available.

    XTAM Partner - netBR


    Since 2003 large customers we serve, combining experience, pioneering and technological knowledge. We are a lean, agile, personalized and efficient. Our goal is to build a new mindset and business processes in accordance with the new times we are living.

    Products and services specialize in identifying technology gaps and supply solutions infrastructure, security, compliance and automation. We are recognized by innovative IT solutions, including RbaLogic concept and also the relationship of mutual trust we have established with our customers.

    Xton Technologies Partner - Precise Technologies

    Precise Technologies

    Precise Technologies is a true Value-added Distributor specializing in Disruptive and Emerging Technologies focused in Cyber Security, Information Security, AI-based Analytics solutions, Digital & Cloud Transformation. Our operating region is spread across Middle East, Turkey, Africa and India.

    We are trusted by our customers and reseller channel across the region to bring emerging technologies to disrupt the existing norms and challenge the landscape. The core focus of Precise Technologies is to bring unique and Niche technologies that deliver huge business value to our customers and partners and we are inherently passionate and take leadership role to bring solutions that can help organizations to optimize their IT operations, enhance security & respond efficiently to ever-changing business environments.

    XTAM Partner - PSYND


    PSYND is a Swiss IT consultancy company based in Geneva specialized in CyberSecurity and Identity & Access Management. Since more than 10 years we are supporting our customers to implement anything related to the IAM: from the business analysis to the deployment of the solution.

    XTAM Partner - Quadrian

    Quadrian Enterprises

    Founded in 2007 Quadrian Enterprises closes a gap in traditional IT offerings in Panama by consolidating in-depth and complex integrations between Open Source Software and Commercial Proprietary Solutions. Initially focused on solutions for law enforcement markets, Quadrian expanded operations in 2012 to other government sectors and it is now the most important provider of heterogeneous system integrations and custom information technology developments in Panama for Unix/Linux and Microsoft Technologies.

    XTAM Partner WikiLabs

    Wiki Labs

    Our team of professional are consistently improving our services delivery in every possible way, especially in this rapid business environment change that our customer is facing every second.

    Solving complex business challenge is our passion – we provide effective, practical solutions that can increase productivity, decrease costs and ultimately lead to our customer success. That’s Wiki Labs!


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