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Privileged Access Management

Xton Access Manager helps you manage privileged access by providing functionality to establish, monitor, record and automate administrator and user activities.


Features & Highlights

Protect your privileged accounts from threats both within and beyond your firewall

Privileged Account Management
With Xton Access Manager’s Privileged Account Management, we ensure all access (passwords, keys, certificates, documents and more) to privileged accounts are kept safe, secure and out of the reach of these threats, both internal and external. With strong password requirements, auto-resets and “no password access” built into its core, rest easy that you are taking the appropriate steps to enforce IT security.

  • Identity Vault to secure, organize and share privileged account access.
  • Fully embedded auditing events and logging to understand who did what and when.
  • Configurable approval workflows for additional security on your privileged systems and secrets.
  • Agentless client usage to increase adoption and ease deployment.

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PAM Record and Asset Organization

Restrict, observe and record privileged sessions, block rogue operations from being executed and create a full audit trail of events

Privileged Session Management
Xton Access Manager’s Privileged Session Management allows for the establishment of a secure, interactive session using a standard web browser to a remote Windows or Unix device while optionally providing the access password or certificate from the Secret Database automatically. It includes this key regulatory ingredient to your IT security tool belt by providing compliance officers the ability to observe in real-time or playback (or search) any previously recorded privileged sessions. Answer all your “who”, “when” and “what” privileged activity scenarios.

  • Establish a secure and interactive session between the user and their Windows or Unix device.
  • Monitor and observe privileged sessions of other users to comply with security policies.
  • Always-on logging of user keystrokes and clipboard text for continuous monitoring.
  • Record, review and save privileged sessions for auditing or investigative purposes.
  • Command Control to implement Whitelist or Blacklist restrictions on command execution.

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PAM Session Recording

Define policies that will automate password resets and repetitive administrative activities and jobs

Privileged Job Management
Deploying Xton Access Manager’s Privileged Job Management engine will allow these senior level administrators to pre-configure, test, restrict and delegate or automate the execution of these privileged jobs to their colleagues. With detailed oversight, notifications and approval built right in to its core, you can be assured that the task will be executed correctly and securely to all your privileged components.

  • Policy based, scheduled or automated job execution.
  • Periodic automated password resets.
  • Continuous network discovery of privileged accounts.
  • Configured notifications when jobs are run with included audit trail.
  • Safely pre-configure repetitive to delegate without divulging privileged accounts.

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PAM Password Reset and Rotation

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