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KuppingerCole Xton Technologies Access Manager PAM

KuppingerCole Executive View:
Xton Technologies Access Manager

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Xton Technologies provides a well-thought-out solution that is focused on a lean and efficient implementation of key capabilities within Privileged Access Management, avoiding the overhead and complexity that comes with some of the other tools in the market.

Martin Kuppinger

Founder, KuppingerCole

Evaluating PAM Software

Privileged accounts pose a significant threat to the security of an organization because of their heightened level of access to sensitive data and critical operations. Privileged Access Management (PAM) represents the set of critical cybersecurity controls that address security risks associated with the use of privileged access in an organization.

In this latest analyst report, KuppingerCole provides an overview of PAM technology requirements and an in-depth analysis of Xton Access Manager.

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