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Xton Access Manager Remote Employee Gateway

Privileged Access Management, simplified

Xton Access Manager (XTAM) is an agentless account and password vault, session monitoring and task execution enterprise solution. Built on modern technology, supported via weekly updates and offered with unlimited licensing options, XTAM is the premier PAM security solution on the market.

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    Xton Access Manager
    Privileged Access Management simplified.

    XTAM Highlights

    Simple, agentless Deployment
    Download, install and begin exploring XTAM in under 10 minutes.
    Advanced Password Vault
    Create, import, share and unlock your privileged accounts, secrets, certificates and more.
    Enable approval workflows, examine audit logs and reports with included AD or MFA authentication.
    Session Monitoring and Recording
    Allow administrators, developers and contractors to securely (and without passwords) connect to your privileged systems. While in session, enable full video, keystroke and audit recording to ensure your endpoints remain protected or use these recording and reports for post-incident investigations.
    Secure, elevated Job Execution
    Create policies for task or job execution. Then these tasks can be configured to automatically execute based on time or user based events. Or provide an on-demand option, so they can also be executed by user interaction.
    Full Functionality
    All features and functionality are available to explore during your entire free trial period.

    Xton Access Manager Features

    Account Management
    Protect your privileged accounts from being shared or abused by inside and outside threats.

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    Session Management
    Restrict, observe and record privileged sessions, block rogue operations from being executed and create a full audit trail of events.

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    Job Management
    Define policies that will automate password resets and repetitive administrative activities and jobs.

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