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Your April 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

The XtonTech Dev team had a productive early spring. Last month’s theme in development, based upon feedback from customers, has been all about compliance reports, Azure AD, and temporary local accounts for your vendors and contractors. See below for some of the highlights.

Want to receive XTAM reports in your Inbox? You can. Simply select the desired report (Audit, Sessions, Jobs, Inventory, Records and more) and click on its corresponding Email button. Configuration is as easy – choose your automated delivery period (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and the desired report file format (CSV or PDF).
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A new Tasks report has been added to display records that have at least one task associated to them with their associated tasks, policies, shadow account and inheritance state. This new report is accessible on the System, Vault and Folder level by users with the appropriate permissions.
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Local or domain account password reset will invalidate dependent services and scheduled tasks run as the account involved in the password reset task. XTAM now manages task scheduler updates after password reset events for dependent tasks on the dependent computers to complement our already existing option to update the dependent services.
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Read our new ‘How-To guide’ that outlines the setup process for integrating XTAM with your Azure AD (Office 365) user directory using the SAML SSO protocol. This configuration allows users to login to XTAM with their existing accounts enabling better integration with your current organizational software and infrastructure.
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Create Temporary Local User Accounts
XTAM Local User accounts can now be created or configured with expiration dates. We heard from several customers that it is sometimes difficult or time consuming to get temporary accounts created in existing user directories making the process of granting XTAM access to external or temporary users a tiring exercise. Now any XTAM System Administrator can create and maintain their own temporary local user accounts to quickly accomplish this need without having to involve Active Directory or IT resources. Additionally, these temporary accounts can be combined with powerful workflow restrictions to further tighten access controls around your privileged assets.
Auto-Unlock Remote VNC Sessions
The XTAM VNC protocol provides the ability to login to a remote computer’s console using a high trust login without disclosing this VNC server password to the operator; however, the VNC protocol itself does not handle logging in to the remote computer account. With our recent update, XTAM is now able to unlock the user session using the account password on the record to present this high trust login to the actual user desktop through the same VNC session.
Enhanced SSH Tunnel Reporting
Want to log that someone is using an XTAM SSH Tunnel and what they are using the tunnel for? This month, the Xton team added the destination host (IP) and port information about these tunnel sessions to the Session report to better analyze the intentions and usage of these specialized sessions.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
The following enhancements have also been included in the past month: Option to enable RDP font smoothing for remote Windows sessions, Independent SSH Proxy idle timeout setting, Confirmation dialogs when leaving a page without first saving changes, New Check Status task for LDAP and AD record types, New Filter options in several Admin screens, Additional information printed on the XTAM health check page, More contextual help links added throughout the application and new placeholders available for email templates. Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.


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