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Xton Access Manager Product Update 2.3.201904072223

Today we released new update to the Xton Privileged Access Manager software. This update adds shadow and self-reset option to manage MS Active Directory accounts and discovery host name verification check. The update also improves reporting discovery and job execution details on remote computers and improves a selection control to handle long record types lists when creating or editing records.

>Xton Access Manager Product Update 2.3.201904072223 Microsoft AD self reset password shadow account discovery DNS verification

Added Microsoft Active Directory password self-reset script run without the use of the main integration or a shadow account using the existing password

Previously XTAM used MS Active Directory integration account to reset password of active directory users. While this option is still available, this update adds another option that resets password without using integration account but rather only the account on record and its existing password on record. This option removes exposure of administration account to password management operations.

To enable self-reset password for AD Users use the following script to initiate AD User password reset: $${ResetPassword}Self instead of default $${ResetPassword} one in the default Password Reset LDAP or any other custom script.

Added the option to set MS Active Directory account password using a shadow account instead of default use of an AD integration account

Previously XTAM used MS Active Directory integration account to reset password of active directory users. While this option is still available, this update adds another option to use a shadow account as a master account to reset passwords for other users. This option easier requirement for AD integration account and also allows multiple master accounts to reset password for different user groups.

Added check status option for MS AD User accounts executed using shadow AD user records

The update brings new script that checks the status of an Active Directory User account in a similar way it existed for LDAP, Unix and Windows hosts accounts.

Added DNS host name verification option during the discovery process

The update adds the option to verify discovered host name to match its DNS name in the Active Directory before auto-importing it as a record into the vault to handle the case of slow updating DNS cache during discovery process.

Added scrollable record types selector with filter option on the Add New Record buttons

The update added scrollable record types selector with filter option on the Add New Record buttons on the records list toolbar and on the empty folder view as well as on the change record type control on the record editing screen to handle large record type lists without displaying long lists going past all imaginable boundaries.

Please review key features documentation and product news using the links below

The software requires about five minutes to install on a freshly built Windows or Linux server or desktop with 1+ Gb RAM and no pre-requisites. After installation, please follow our Getting Started Guide for step-by-step introduction to the application.

Read the product documentation including Windows and Linux installation instructions as well as Getting Started Guide:

Follow this link for the instructions how to update the existing setup:

Check the software pricing, including options and licensing FAQ:

We appreciate your feedback and comments about Xton Access Manager and also about handling privileged accounts, passwords, keys and certificates as well as sessions to remote computers in general.

Thank you for your interest in our product.
Xton Technologies team

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