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Our customers count on the Xton Development team for our weekly releases of Xton Access Manager (XTAM) for privileged access management.  Our agile development approach ensures that we are continuously advancing the XTAM product to rapidly meet customer needs and changing security requirements.

The last few months have been busy for most companies. Security, remote access, business continuity, and employee/customer safety has been top-of-mind.

At Xton, we were busy adding in new features and enhancements to ensure our customers have the best possible PAM software for securing privileged access now and in the future. As a result, we’ve added new features including new reporting capabilities, support for advanced proxies and session analytics.

In case you missed any of our release notes for the past 6 months, here are the top 7 features added to XTAM in 2020 (so far).

1 – Native RDP Client Session Recording – Over the last year, we have been adding in advanced proxy support for RDP, SSH and web proxies allowing customers to create secure, high trust remote sessions with full session recording and keystroke monitoring. Back in April, we added support for video and event recording for sessions created from the user’s native RDP or SSH clients, desktop or mobile.  This is done without requiring any agents, extensions or custom launchers.

Why this is important: This allows Administrators to secure privileged sessions and accounts without compromising security and auditing. Users can conveniently connect to XTAM’s proxy using any standard RDP or SSH client, both desktop or mobile devices. Once a user completes their XTAM RDP Proxy session, the video playback is immediately available for review in your web browser or it can be converted to a video file for offline access.  Learn More

2 – Behavior Profiles and Session Analytics – Our development team has made a number of enhancements that improve XTAM’s ability to self-monitoring and take automated actions. This includes the ability to proactively enforce user behaviors during remote sessions.  For example, a user downloads many files or executes many commands in a short period of time, XTAM can detect such actions and automatically remediate them (terminate a session, generate an audit event alert, block the user).

Why this is important: Setting up behavior profiles and analytics helps create an invisible watch guard that controls access to privileged resources yet does not interfere with routine administrator activities. Learn More

3 – 64-bit ARM Platform Support – XTAM now supports deployments to 64-bit ARM platforms specifically targeting the new Amazon AWS 64-bit ARM Graviton2 hardware using m6g EC2 instances.

Why this is important: From an infrastructure perspective, this provides up to a 40% cost savings and XTAM performance increases compared to traditional deployment platforms. Learn More

4 – Ansible Integration and Silent Installers – In May, we added a new Ansible plugin that can be used to easily integrate XTAM with your Ansible based automation. Now organizations can safely store and manage sensitive credentials in the XTAM Identity Vault and easily share these with automation tools like Ansible. This helps facilitate common tasks in Ansible such as configuration management, application deployment and provisioning.

Why this is important: With the addition of silent installers, Ansible and other automation platforms can more easily be used to deploy XTAM instances throughout the enterprise. Learn more

5 – MFA Support for native Clients (RDP, SSH, SFTP Sessions) – Requires a user to authenticate with their MFA token to use their native client to create remote XTAM sessions. Extending MFA support for native clients to RDP, SSH and SFTP sessions allow organizations to further ensure proper authentication of administrators accessing critical infrastructure.

Why this is important: At Xton, we don’t sacrifice security for the convenience of native client usage.

6 – Persistent XTAM Shell Sessions – This quality of life enhancement allows a user to remain connected to our XTAM Shell, using their SSH client, to connect and disconnect from SSH sessions without having to reauthenticate between every session.

Why this is important: This enhancement is a time saver and eliminates the need to reauthenticate by returning users to the main menu rather than disconnecting entirely. Learn More

7 – New Reporting Capabilities – While we have always offered reporting capabilities, we are always added new options based on customer feedback and market needs. In the first half of 2020, we introduced three new reports: Workflow Bindings, Alert Subscriptions and Report Subscriptions. The Alert and Report Subscriptions report allows System Administrators or Auditors to review all alerts and reports that their users are subscribed to.

Why this is important: The Alert and Subscription reports add another level of discovery for Admins to fully understand the use of XTAM and to better understand users’ interest for further analysis into objects like Session Risk Scores and Ratings, which was added last year.  The risk scores help users with higher privileges to quickly identify user sessions that may need to be reviewed or audited. Learn more

You can follow all of our weekly product releases here at the Xton blog. We publish weekly updates every Monday morning. We welcome customer feedback on the releases and PAM features. If you want to see a demo of XTAM or any of the specific features listed above, use our online scheduler to book a demo with one of our experts.

Mark Klinchin

I am Co-Founder and CEO of Xton Technologies. I am interested in computers, software development, cyber security, content management, photography, image processing and mathematics.

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