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Using the XTAM SSH Proxy Interface for Record Selection

Instead of using a defining a specific record to connect within your SSH proxy command, you can display a list of records that are available for connection. This is helpful if you are unaware of the record ID or you want to use a more generic means of connection.

To learn about how to enable the SSH Proxy feature, please read our SSH Proxy article.

To display a list of available records in your SSH proxy client, simply define your XTAM login account when prompted or in your connection command and not the unique record identifier.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Login

After you successfully authenticated, you will then be at the <xtam> prompt of the XTAM SSH Proxy Interface. From here, the following commands are available:

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Command Prompt

Command Description
help, ? or help <commandName> The Help command prints a list of available commands and a brief description.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Help Command

Command Description
records or rec The Records command generates a list of records (displayed as List Number) Id: Record ID – Record Name) that are available to you based on permission and type. The list number or record ID is what will be used for selection when creating a SSH Proxy session.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Records Command

Command Description
connect or conn The Connect command is used to connect to the record defined by its list number or record ID. You cannot use the record name to create a connection, this value is displayed for informational purposes only.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Connect Command

Command Description
filter or filt The Filter command is used to filter the list of available records that is returned. You can add -i to ignore case.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Filter Command

Command Description
less The Less command adds pagination to the list of available records. Use q to exit pagination and return to the prompt.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Less Command

Command Description
exit The Exit command closes the SSH proxy session.

XTAM SSH Proxy Interface Exit Command


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