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The Xton Access Manager software is brought to you by industry veterans focusing on enterprise software development helping IT administrators in the cyber security and content management areas since 2004. With more than 3,000 customers around the globe and an experience in organic growth of a business from a small startup to an acquisition, the team aligns its goals with the success of its customers. Follow our journey through the events that made us what we are today and meet the clients who helped us to build our software over the years.


Peter Senescu is the VP of Worldwide Sales and marketing for Ripple Technologies, a leader in a security log management and database activity monitoring. RippleTech was acquired by Nitro Security SIEM and IPS Security Vendor and then Nitro became the leading security suite in Intel’s McAfee Security division.


Steven Pogrebivsky (CEO), Mark Klinchin (product architect) and Chris Kolodziejski (product manager) help to build PathBuilder – enterprise application integration server in content management area eventually acquired by Xybion Corporation.


Steven, Peter and Mark decide to join efforts to develop software products to help IT administrators to manage security, users, content and metadata in enterprise content management (ECM) area forming Metavis Technologies.


MetaVis Technologies launches its first product MetaVis Migrator that quickly becomes a market leader in content management across Microsoft, Google, Box and DropBox cloud and on-premises content repositories.


Chris joins MetaVis Technologies as a product manager significantly contributing to market position and richness of the company product line.


MetaVis Technologies launches MetaVis Security Manager – IT administration tool to universally manage Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Azure AD, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, and DropBox security.


MetaVis Technologies launches MetaVis Informant – actionable content security analysis tool based on principles of advanced text analytics.


With more than 3000 customers around the world as well as several strategic partnerships and white labeling its products through other vendors, MetaVis Technologies is a well recognized leader in administration, security and content migration areas on ECM market.


MetaVis Technologies is acquired by Metalogix, Inc creating a market leader in administration and data management area for cloud and on-premises enterprise content management systems.  The software continues under the brand Metalogix Essentials for Office 365.


Peter, Mark and Chris decided to apply their experience in enterprise software security and content management to build a Privileged Account and Access Management software.
Xton Technologies is formed in the Philadelphia suburb to bring to market simple and affordable software so that customers can prioritize protecting their internal network infrastructures. Let’s make the world more secure together.


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