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Our goal is simple; make your company secure.

The following highlights our commitments to you.


Agile Development

The world is changing fast and your software needs to change faster.

Agentless Use

Accessing remote devices to execute jobs or to reset passwords does not require agents. Users will never need to deploy any type of agent on their computer, be it a service, application or browser extension. The software will always work in a browser, including tablets and mobile devices.

Affordable Cost

Because good software should not cost a fortune.

Platform Agnostic Support

Server components could be hosted on Windows or Linux platforms. The server supports multiple RDBMS platforms as a backend. We believe that we are experts in all kinds on computers, devices and communication protocols and we bring this expertise to you.


Total and Complete Privacy

We don’t just talk security, we live it. Whether you are downloading a free trial or installing a purchased version of the software, we do not track your software usage in anyway. Telemetry, metrics and other random usage is not phoned home, collected, or sold. We believe in your security and privacy meaning your business is your business and you have the right to be left alone.


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