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Your September 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

This summer the Xton team was busy speaking to industry analysts and adding new features to XTAM. Here’s what you may have missed.

  • KuppingerCole, a leading analyst firm, featured XTAM in its latest Executive View Report. Martin Kuppinger writes, “Xton Technologies provides a well-thought-out solution that is focused on a lean and efficient implementation of key capabilities within Privileged Access Management.” Download Report
  • XTAM new features include the ability to rotate SSH public keys on Unix accounts; SSH Proxy Chaining for SSH Clients; a silent installer for Linux; a password strength meter; and a new record type Unix Host with Private Key.

See all the recent highlights below.

Rotating Password Protected Public SSH Keys
XTAM task execution now supports the ability to rotate SSH public keys on Unix accounts with the option to rotate keys protected with its password. Both the private key or the pair and its password is managed in the system record describing this account.
XTAM adds the ability to chain SSH Proxy servers to enable distributed deployment when a native SSH client (such as PuTTY or Secure CRT) connects to the destination device in the network outside of the reach of both the client computer and main node SSH Proxy server. It does this through the remote SSH Proxy server deployed into the destination network. Such a scenario was supported for in-browser sessions through its distributed session managers while this recent release brings this option to the sessions established using native SSH clients.
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The silent installer for Linux platforms accepts command line parameters as configuration options for the specific deployment replacing interactive communication with the user via the options provided in the command line. With all options required to complete the installation specified in the command line, the install completes automatically without operator interactions. The options also include destination location and the file to store the XTAM generated credentials. Command line parameters can be used to supplement interactive installation or to facilitate an automated deployment. This new silent installer option is useful for deployment automation and repeat-ability in large environments, elastic provisioning of new systems in cloud or closed data-center environments and cleaner separation of system ownership, administration and deployment roles by limiting exposure of sensitive system keys and passwords.
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Password Strength Meter
Our new visual password strength indicator ranks typed passwords on the scale from Weak to Very Strong in all locations where users enter passwords. The indicator provides suggestions about improving password strength for weak and fair ranked passwords. In addition, the meter generates password samples on the Password Formula editor to visualize the passwords that can be generated using the formula on the screen. These samples include the password strength indicator together with the password strength improvement recommendations.
New Record Type: Unix Host with Private Key
This new record type Unix Host with Private Key is a complement to the existing Unix Host with Key record type with the same functionality but includes a different visual experience. The new record type names the private key field Private Key instead of the existing record field name Cert. The new record type allows a user to paste the private key into the text field on the screen instead of attaching it as a file. The new Private Key field can be unlocked as usual to copy and paste the key right from the screen as well as regular connect, check status, key rotation and other job execution operations are available. The new Unix Host with Private Key record type allows for an extension with the Password field to specify a password for the private key on record.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. We added a new Import Feedback dialog including a Master Password Verification stage; new Restore option from a record’s Change History page; new workflow warning message when the requested time is greater than allowed from the Binding configuration; and an additional logout confirmation dialog for deployments that use the Federated Sign-In module.
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