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Your October 2020 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

The Xton development team made several enhancements to the XTAM product. This includes:

  • New Just-in-Time Access features.
  • A View only Session Join capability that allows someone to join an active session as a view-only participant for improved training.
  • Ability to add icons and colors for Records and Containers.
  • Numerous Reporting Enhancements.

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Details on all the XTAM updates are below.

This month Xton added new features to support a just-in-time (JIT) privileged access model. For background, JIT is designed to limit the time a privileged account exists on a critical system, especially with enabled special access. It is not just about limiting the time a privileged user has to access systems. It’s also about eliminating such accounts and access during idle times. The goal is to have zero standing privilege strategy on users and servers by using JIT. This means that privileged accounts and users should be provisioned with just enough permissions and access to effectively perform the required job.
To support JIT, we added an Ephemeral account option to enforce no standing access principle. Using the Ephemeral record type, one-time-use accounts are created with just enough permissions upon approval. When the user is done or their time expires, the account is deleted from the remote endpoint.
In addition to the Ephemeral accounts, XTAM can take existing, non-permission accounts, elevate its permission upon approval and when expired, remove the elevate permission leaving behind the account with no standing access. This proves useful when an enterprise still wishes to make use of personal accounts for remote sessions, but wants to introduce JIT access to their workforce.
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Any user with Connect permissions can now join an active session. User’s with Viewer or Unlock permissions will be allowed to join after the session owner has approved their request. The user joins as a view-only participant, without the ability to interact. This expands upon the existing Join capabilities of XTAM web sessions to allow for a larger audience to participate in a single session for training, review or collaboration purposes.
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Select Different Icons or Colors for Records and Containers
Folder Owners and System Administrators can now select different icons and colors to more easily differentiate their objects in the Vault. Using the new Edit Icon option, the new icon is applied to the selected container (Folders or Vaults) or all records of the same type to provide better visualization of object types in the vault and faster navigation through the hierarchy.
Reporting Enhancements
Based on valuable feedback from our users, we have added a number of enhancements to XTAM Reporting and have more planned in the coming weeks. This includes:

  • A new calendar style Session activity per hour chart to visualize peak session usage across the day.
  • An option to provide fully expanded ACL details directly in the Inventory for improved auditing capabilities.
  • Workflow reporting now includes the time of the request approval. This helps you better understand the elapsed time between the request and its final approval.
  • A new Rotation column to illustrate Password Age across your records.
  • New metadata that is included with report exports to satisfy more rigid audit requirements.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Added more Audit metadata for AWS STS Temporary Tokens and Group Membership updates;
  • Optimized performance of the Task Configuration report;
  • Added Denmark and Swiss German keyboard layouts for WEB RDP Sessions; and
  • Added a new Server search query to filter results based on session connectivity.
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