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How to Join an Active Remote Session

When a remote XTAM session is Active, other users’ with the required permissions may join this session to monitor activities or to interactively participate in the session.

Join is only supported for web browser created sessions.

To Join an Active Session


Login to XTAM with a user that has at least Editor and Session Control permissions to the record or is an XTAM System Administrator.


Click the Sessions tab along the bottom of this record.


Select the Active session in the list, click the Actions menu and then select the Join option.

XTAM Join Session Option


When the confirmation message appears, click the OK button to join the active session.

When a new user joins the Active session, all current participants will receive a notification alerting them to the new user’s arrival.

XTAM Join Session - User Joined Notification

From within the session, any user may also select the Show Participants option in their menu control to see the current list of participants in this session. The user who created the initial session will be marked as the Owner.

XTAM Join Session Show Participants Option

XTAM Join Session Participants List

When a user leaves the session, all remaining participants will receive a notification alerting them to the user’s departure. If the Owner leaves the session, then the session will automatically complete for all remaining users.

XTAM Join Session - User Left Notification

The arrival and departure of all participants is recorded and available as Audit events for all appropriately permission-ed users to review.

XTAM Join Session Events


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