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Your October 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

We’ve heard from customers about the challenge of Multi-Factor Authentication and Shared accounts. This month our development team added a number of new features to XTAM including the ability store Google Authenticator App secret key in XTAM with the option to generate tokens for shared accounts. This new feature allows you to enforce the use of MFA when logging into the product with shared privileged accounts. Other features added over the last 30 days include:

  • Workflow approvals using email
  • New options to support DevOps teams
  • New command line interface controls
  • Ability to import privileged accounts from discovered hosts
  • Enhanced KeePass import
  • Oracle SQL Developer 2019 RemoteApp support
  • And more…

Details on all the updates are below.

We added the ability to store a Google Authenticator secret key in a record with the option to generate TOTP tokens on demand. This option allows users to backup their Google Authentication secret keys to store them in a secure reliable location. In addition to this, the option allows companies to enable multi-factor authentication for shared privileged accounts. Shared MFA token generation is granted to selected users using role-based access control as well as location, time and approval-based workflow. In addition to that the TOTP generation is logged in the system audit log to track the use of this service.
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For workflow Approvers that receive email notifications, you can now quickly and easily Approve or Reject request by simply replying to the email. You no longer have to login to XTAM to review the request first, simply Reply to the email with one of the monitored words and it will be automatically approved or rejected.
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This month, XTAM adds support to delegate local users, groups and API token management to vault and folder owners. This option allows the system to support fast operating DevOps teams now capable to quickly manage access for users and scripts in different environments but still follow secure practices provided by privileged account management server without requesting necessary resources from system administrators.
Additionally, the option allows system administrators to delegate users and access management to managers in different departments and locations in order to scale operation of large or distributed networks. It allows delegation of application access password management (AAPM) to independent DevOps teams enabling them to store sensitive keys and passwords used by scripts and applications in the secure vault and control access to this information by scripts using unique and secure tokens.
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The XTAM SSH Proxy shell is an interactive environment that allows users to search records and connect to remote hosts using command line interface instead of browser WEB console. Our new extensions to this feature add commands to View record information and Unlock sensitive data using command line prompt while maintaining role-based access and audit logging. Users can now use the same Search Queries that are available in the web portal and they can also Request access to objects that are restricted by a workflow binding.
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Import Privileged Accounts from Discovered Hosts
As part of our continuing efforts to enhance the Discovery feature, System Admins can now use the option to detect accounts on discovered Unix and Windows computers while doing network discovery and use the option to import selected accounts as system records.
Enhanced KeePass Import
XTAM KeePass Import gains support to import Unix Host with Key, Unix Host with Protected Key and Certificate records from KeePass Password Safe XML export file for entries that contain file attachment treated as certificate in combination with User Name and Password fields. Since our release of data import from KeePass Password Safe and the adoption of the feature by our customers, we are learning the ways users’ store their sensitive data and are making it easier to utilize them in a privileged access workflow.
Oracle SQL Developer 2019 RemoteApp Support
XTAM now full supports Oracle SQL Developer 2019 as a remote application shared with high trust login and session recordings. Oracle SQL Developer 19 is the latest version of the popular Oracle RDBMS development IDE and as with the previous version, XTAM enables high trust login and full session recordings for this application. It allows system owners to control and monitor access to their production and staging data in Oracle databases.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • MySQL 8 is now supported as a backend database option
  • Added a Reindex option to support existing records with new indexing
  • New OS level full screen option for enhanced native browser control
  • Additional Admin activity timeout options
  • A native clipboard transfer feature for Internet Explorer in-browser sessions
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