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Your October 2018 XTON Access Manager Updates!

Xton is pleased to announce SSH Proxy recording using your native clients such as PuTTY and SecureCRT (with nothing installed on your workstation). You network admins will be happy to learn they can use their own tools and your security team will be happy they no longer need to know the passwords. Also, in October we are pleased to release even more advanced discovery of Privileged Systems with an automated import option. This will make it even easier to automate your privileged access. All of these features are now available. Give XTAM a Try or Schedule a quick demo.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff and tell you what’s new…

Video recording is now fully supported when native clients like PuTTY are used to create secure SSH sessions using XTAM. The recording supports text output, indexed session events and Instant playback options.
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Discovery query results can now be auto-imported to folders and immediately be brought under management based on location and type. This includes permission, policy, workflow and access policies.
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Discovery queries have been extended to support non-standard port access as well custom LDAP AD queries to narrow the search scope to specific areas of your domain.
To meet compliance and storage standards, session video recordings can now be automatically removed based on an admin defined global retention policy.


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