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Your November 2018 XTON Access Manager Updates!

Xton is pleased to announce a new SSH Proxy Interface that makes it even easier to use your native SSH clients such at PuTTY and SecureCRT. Your network admins will be happy that they never have to leave their SSH client. Also, in November Xton added more powerful searching to make is super easy to find your assets as well as a new options to manage your encrypted export/backup retention policy. All of these features are now available. Give XTAM a Try or Schedule a quick demo.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff and tell you what’s new…

With the rising popularity of our SSH Proxy feature, many have inquired about how users can be more easily find and connect to their needed records. We appreciate all the feedback received and based on that, we are happy to announce the release of the XTAM SSH Proxy Interface. Simply connect to XTAM using most any native SSH client and it will display a list of your available records. From there, just pick which one you want and then create the secure connection with a single command! Users love it, security loves it, we love it and hope you will to!
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As your XTAM record list grows, finding specific objects in a timely manner can sometimes be frustrating. To help with search, we have added new Search Queries to aid in a more speedy search so you can find what you need more efficiently.
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To further conform to you compliance standards and storage needs, your scheduled system exports can now have a retention policy applied that will automatically remove audit trails and recordings based upon your custom policy.
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Several Additions to the Multi-Object Select Functions
Continuing with the ease of the use of XTAM, Owners and Admins can now make use of additional bulk select options. This includes initiating inheritance for both Permissions and Workflow Bindings from a parent folder to its child objects. Also, the existing bulk Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste options have been extended to allow Owners to make use of these actions.


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