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Your May 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

April showers bring May flowers and XTAM product updates! The product development team is excited to share a new integration with ServiceNow Incident Activity, support for Groovy scripting language, dynamic column selectors for customized system reports, enhanced password reset policies for Active Directory and new keyboard layouts. See all the month’s highlights below.

ServiceNow is a popular ticketing system used in many organizations and we are pleased to announce that XTAM now supports integration with ServiceNow incident tracking. ServiceNow incidents are a convenient way to schedule work orders for IT administrators and to track their progress. Once configured, interactions within XTAM records can be added to the corresponding ServiceNow Incidents activities.
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Dynamic Column Selectors for Customized System Reports
Dynamic column selection option for system reports allows users to hide or show pre-built report columns in order to customize their report views. This option is enabled for system-, vault-, folder- and record-level reports and is supported with the use of automated email reports.
Are you using Groovy scripts? If so, Groovy scripts are now portable between XTAM deployments, platform independent (unlike Shell or PowerShell scripting) and easily managed in the XTAM script library. Groovy scripting adds an option to perform a wide range of activities related to specific records or even a general system management that could be done as quick on-site customization instead of requiring product enhancements. You can record related jobs such as health check or password reset for WEB portals, unique devices or unique environments. System wide jobs can be used for support integration with 3rd party systems facilitating periodic data exchange or special cases of notifications, account or permission management. Clients, partners and value added resellers might use Groovy scripting to perform on-site integration with various environments or use cases.
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Enhanced Password Reset Scenarios for Managed Active Directory Accounts
We have enhanced task scripts to support additional password reset and status policies for managed Active Directory accounts. XTAM added the following scenarios:

  • Microsoft Active Directory password self-reset script so the use of a Shadow Account or the Integration Account is no longer required.
  • Option to set MS Active Directory account password using a shadow account rather than the default Integration Account.
  • Ability to check status script for MS Active Directory User accounts
Browsing & Search Performance Optimizations
We optimized performance of browsing and searching records and folders on the Records View screen by implementing both server- and database-level pagination.
New RDP Keyboard Layouts
The following RDP keyboard layouts have been added to the base XTAM installation: English (Great Britain), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Turkish.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
We added the option to switch the application color scheme to create a more personalized user experience, added the option to bulk request the Unlock operation and added the option to set a personal profile picture for local users accounts. Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.


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