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Your January 2020 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

Happy New Year from the Xton Team!! As we kick off 2020, we would like to thank our customers for a very successful year. We look forward to supporting your security needs and continuing to enhance the XTAM product to deliver the best PAM software possible.

Below are the latest updates to XTAM including a new color-coded session risk score indicator, ability to download a remote desktop file for secure RDP sessions, and MFA enabled for RDP clients.

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XTAM now generates a color-coded session risk score indicator as an optional field in the Session report. It is based on the number of alerts triggered by the operator during the session with the option to review notification subscriptions causing each alert. The system evaluates risk score following the supervisors and managers interest in certain session activities that may have been executed. The risk score provides a quick indication of unwanted or suspicious activity on the servers with the trending of operators executing these monitored events. The risk score calculation does not require any special or additional configuration.
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A new option is available to download a Remote Desktop File for Windows records as a shortcut to establish an RDP session using a native RDP client with embedded RDP proxy host as well as current user and record ID. The shortcut provides a quick way to connect to Windows servers using native RDP clients as an alternative to establishing a browser-based HTML5 connection. Note that the downloaded file does not include any sensitive information about the remote Windows server but instead only publicly available RDP proxy properties. The sensitive information such as remote host and the actual credentials are injected into the RDP stream by the RDP Proxy, not from the user’s desktop or mobile device.
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MFA is now available on connections made using non-interactive (those that do not prompt for the second factor token or response) native SSH, SFTP or RDP clients such as many SFTP clients (WinSCP, FileZilla, etc) and native RDP applications (mstsc, mRemoteNG, etc). The option to use native clients to access critical infrastructure dramatically improves adoption of cyber-security best practices. However, many of these traditional native clients do not include facilities to prompt users for the second factor before logging in. XTAM enables these natively non-MFA applications to benefit from second-factor authentication when accessing sensitive resources right from the administrator’s desktop or mobile device.
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Improved MFA Token Management Interface
A new update has added MFA TOTP (Google Authenticator) and Yubikey token management to the MFA configuration screen to simplify assigning and resetting the keys for the system users. The option to reset tokens is still available on the Users report where it was before. The update consolidates various activities with the soft- and hard-ware tokens on the same screen. The update also introduces the option to disable WEB GUI MFA option to keep it for SSH Proxy only for the connections using native SSH clients.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Optimized audit log report display;
  • Updated bread crumb navigation;
  • Enhanced syslog out for SIEMs;
  • Added more supported commands for Command Control enforced sessions;
  • Reorganized System Parameters for easier discovery.
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RSA Conference 2020
Mark your calendars – XTON is headed to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 22-28, 2020. Visit us at the RSAC Early Stage Expo in Booth 42. Contact us to schedule a demo at the show.


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