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Xton Access Manager Product Update 2.3.201912292256

Today we released new update to the Xton Privileged Access Manager software. This update adds the option to Download Remote Desktop File with prepopulated RDP Proxy, user and record parameters for quick just in time access to Windows servers through RDP Proxy using native RDP clients.

Added the option to Download Remote Desktop File

This update adds the option to download Remote Desktop File for Windows records (when RDP proxy is enabled) as a shortcut to establish an RDP session using native RDP client with embedded RDP proxy host as well as current user and record ID. The shortcut provides quick way to connect to Windows servers using native RDP clients as an alternative to establish browser-based HTML5 connection. Note that the downloaded file does not include any sensitive information about the remote Windows server but publicly available RDP proxy properties only. The sensitive information such as remote host and the actual credential are injected into the RDP stream by the RDP Proxy.

The option to download Remote Desktop File is located under Connect button on the record view screen and also in the Windows records drop down menu in the record list. Launching the downloaded remote desktop file will prompt the user to enter the personal password to the XTAM server before connecting so that the RDP traffic will be monitored by XTAM RDP Proxy server. The connection established by the native RDP client using the shortcut is subject to role-based, location-, time- and approval- based restrictions enforced by the RDP proxy.

Please review key features documentation and product news using the links below

The software requires about five minutes to install on a freshly built Windows or Linux server or desktop with 1+ Gb RAM and no pre-requisites. After installation, please follow our Getting Started Guide for step-by-step introduction to the application.

Read the product documentation including Windows and Linux installation instructions as well as Getting Started Guide:

Follow this link for the instructions how to update the existing setup:

Check the software pricing, including options and licensing FAQ:

We appreciate your feedback and comments about Xton Access Manager and also about handling privileged accounts, passwords, keys and certificates as well as sessions to remote computers in general.

Thank you for your interest in our product.
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