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What is Xton Access Manager

Xton Access Manager is a privileged identity management system that includes Identity Vault (with item level permissions, automated password reset, LDAP, Microsoft AD integration and discovery modules) and agentless Session Manager providing RDP, SSH and VNC sessions to remote computers using only HTML5 browser on the client side.

System Requirements

Xton Access Manager System Requirements unix linux windows

Xton Access Manager System Requirements

We have published system requirements for our Xton Access Manager software.

System Requirements

Platform Agnostic

Xton Access Manager components could be installed on Windows or Linux computers on-premises or in the cloud. The system supports Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySql or PostgreSQL as backend RDBMS. The system is shipped with the internal RDBMS deployed during the installation so there is no RDBMS prerequisites for trial and light use in a single server farm environment. Either Microsoft IIS or Apache HTTP Server could be used as a load balancer for multi-WEB Front End farms. The system components (WEB Front End, Job Engine, Session Manager and User Directory) could be deployed to multiple computers and configured using the same simple installer for high-availability, extended security and scalability options.

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