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The Xton Access Manager Extension is a native browser extension that can be utilized by XTAM users to auto-populate Web login forms using records that are stored within the Xton Access Manager Identity Vault. Once logged into XTAM within the browser extension, it will securely communicate with the Identity Vault to locate any records associated to the currently displayed login form and if found, will give the user the ability to populate the username and password fields with a single click. The extension retrieves credentials in real-time (not synced) with XTAM, so if passwords are changed or new records are shared (or revoked) from a user, the browser extension will immediately be updated with these newly configured or available logins.

While being a 100% optional extension to Xton Access Manager, it does provide a level of convenience to users so that they can more easily (and securely) login to any web portal from their native browser that requires a simple username and password authentication.

Xton Access Manager Extension Office 365 Login
The following desktop browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge (coming soon)
  • Opera (via the Chrome extension)

The extension attempts to automatically recognize the username and password fields based on a number of variables on the web page itself. If you are attempting to use the extension on a web login form that is not being recognized, please review this page to help troubleshoot the issue or contact our Support Team for assistance.

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