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How to Control Elevated Privilege in a SSH/SU session (sudo execution or directly executing su utility)

XTAM includes the option to control the command to elevate privilege in a SSH/SU session to run through sudo execution or directly executing su utility. With this option included, the system will use exec sudo su – user command to elevate user privilege instead of the default exec su – user command.

The option is controlled by a custom record-level field Type on Unix with SU record type or its inherited derivatives.

  • Field Type: Checkbox
  • Name: sudo
  • Display Name: Use sudo
  • Order: 620

SSH Use Sudo Custom Field

You will need to create this custom field within a Record Type. To learn about creating custom fields, please review this article.

Now, within the record that uses the Record Type with this custom field, you will have a checkbox option named Use sudo.

SSH Use Sudo Record Configuration

  • When Use sudo is enabled (checked), XTAM will authenticate sudo su with the User password.
    SSH Use Sudo Option Enabled Connection
  • When Use sudo is disabled (unchecked), XTAM will authenticate su with the SU User password.
    SSH Use Sudo Option Disabled Connection


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