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How to Troubleshoot a Session Connection Error 519

Session Connection Error 519

If you are attempting to Connect to a remote host, but you are receiving the 519 error code, then this typically means that XTAM was unable to connect with the remote host using the parameters from the record.

To troubleshoot this issue, please evaluate and try the following suggestions.


Ensure that both the username and password entered into the record are accurate. Incorrect passwords and typos will generate this error.


Assuming it is a Windows host using a local account, try removing the domain from the username. Rather than using contoso\localuser try entering just localuser or vice versa.


Try pinging the remote host from the XTAM host to ensure it is found and responding.


If you entered the Host as a computer name, try replacing it with the host’s IP address instead.


On the remote host, ensure that the RDP port (3389) is open and that you can connect to it.


Make sure the username in this record has permissions on the host to connect remotely.

If you are still having issues after trying the above, please gather your XTAM logs and send them to for further assistance.


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