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External Database Connection Strings

Xton Access Manager supports a wide range of the most popularly used databases system in the market. When configuring XTAM to use your own database, you will need to supply the database connection string. In general, the connection string will comply with the following example:

db-host or db-host:port

NOTE: The installation process does not create its own database or tablespace but rather makes use of an existing one. With that in mind, please ensure one with the name “PamDB” already exists as this will be used by the application.

Apache Derby

db-host or db-host:port

Microsoft SQL Server

db-host or db-host:port


db-host or db-host:port


Service: //db-host/db-service

Instance: //db-host:port:SID


db-host or db-host:port

If you want to change the database after deployment, please see the following article for more information: Changing XTAM’s back-end Database


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