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Xton Access Manager
Privileged Access Management simplified.


Secured Identity Vault
A secure AES-256 encrypted Identity Vault to maintain total administrative control over all your passwords, certificates, key, files, secrets and privileged accounts.
Session Monitoring & Recording
Privileged Session Recording to ensure all sessions are retained and can be used for diagnosis or forensic investigations, including Auditing, Join and Terminate options.
Securely Share Secrets & Passwords
Easily Share access to your Privileged Systems that require Passwords and Secrets without actually revealing them to the user.
Password Reset & Custom Scripts
A simple, yet highly effective solution to rotate your privileged passwords and execute elevate tasks with full system and user Audit Trails.
Web Login Filler Browser Extension
A free browser extension to allow your users to easily populate Web Login forms using records securely stored and shared in the Identity Vault.

Xton Access Manager Features

Account Management
Protect your privileged accounts from being shared or abused by inside and outside threats.

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Session Management
Restrict, observe and record privileged sessions, block rogue operations from being executed and create a full audit trail of events.

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Job Management
Define policies that will automate password resets and repetitive administrative activities and jobs.

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