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Xton Technologies Releases Privileged Access Management Software for MSPs and Resellers

XTAM Access Manager for MSP and MSSP offers IT service providers a robust and affordable PAM solution for securing a client’s privileged assets.


PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 10, 2018Xton Technologies today announced the release of Xton Access Manager (XTAM) MSP, a robust privileged access management solution designed specifically for managed service providers. As part of the news, ALSO Holding AG, the third largest distributor in European IT services, has signed a contract with Xton Technologies to offer XTAM MSP as its privileged access management (PAM) solution.

XTAM MSP allows service providers to easily manage privileged accounts, sessions and tasks for multiple clients. With Xton Technologies, MSPs are able to enhance and expand their security offerings with a proven privileged access management (PAM) solution that is affordable, easy to deploy and scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Privileged accounts represent one of the biggest security vulnerabilities. The misuse of these accounts can lead to data breaches and hijacking of IT systems. With privileged accounts equaling or outnumbering individual employee accounts, managing these accounts can be challenging. Because privileged accounts typically provide access to a higher level of system features and company information, implementing a PAM solution has become a top security project for businesses in order to reduce risks and secure their networks.

“More small and medium sized businesses are turning to service providers to manage and secure their IT networks and requesting PAM solutions,” said Mark Klinchin, CEO of Xton Technologies. “We designed XTAM MSP with multitenant vaults and vault-based approval workflows allowing service providers to host multiple clients on the same infrastructure while ensuring the strongest protections for each individual client’s data. MSPs can now easily add privileged access to expand existing offerings and grow revenues.”

“Xton Technologies offers a solution for the future for managing all types of privileged accounts,” said Lars Nørballe of ALSO Holding AG. “Service providers and hosting companies are struggling to be compliant with GDPR and other regulatory requirements. The need for managing all privileged accounts efficiently with strong audit capabilities is important for ALSO’s partners. Xton Technologies has a very strong value proposition for our partners. With Xton Technologies it is possible to automate discovery and management of accounts in a multitenant setup. We are excited to offer this new technology at an affordable price to our partners – especially smaller IT service providers – who will gain much value in using the XTAM solution. We find the XTAM solution to be an important and valuable offering to our partners.”


XTAM MSP & MSSP Privileged Access Management Software

XTAM MSP is a complete privileged account management solution that combines a secure AES-256 encrypted identity vault and session management with recording and automated password resets. Using a modern HTML5 platform, XTAM makes it easy for managed service providers to deploy on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments. XTAM MSP is highly scalable to support multiple integration points. The software is completely agentless with zero client and server footprint.

Key features of XTAM MSP include:

  • Multitenant vault hierarchy with reporting, permissions, workflows and task execution for each customer’s privileged assets allows an MSP to safely manage multiple clients from a single deployment.
  • No client or server agents are required allowing an MSP to deploy a single, secure proxy node to a customer’s network to create remote sessions and execute tasks. This adds another layer of separation and security between an MSP and the customer’s assets.
  • Unique permissions per security vault ensures safety of each client’s assets and prevents clients from accessing each other vaults without limiting the MSP administrator’s duties.
  • Generate and share auditing and reports including details on access, permissions and inventory specific to each client vault or generate global reports across the entire deployment.
  • Monitor and record sessions on privileged endpoints including video, keystroke and file transfers to remote computers for regulatory compliance. Alerts and notifications can be set up for additional security.
  • Permit elevated task execution to authorized users with approval workflows for additional security.
  • Affordable licensing model designed to fit both the MSP and their client’s business needs.

To learn more about the XTAM MSP offering or download a free trial, visit


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Xton Technologies makes it easy and affordable to have strong security for your privileged access. Our enterprise grade XT Access Manager is purpose built to protect against malicious or accidental access from both within and beyond your firewall. The XTAM platform works across the corporate network, third party cloud infrastructure and is accessible using any modern browser on the desktop or mobile. To learn more please visit

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