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Your March 2021 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

We have made several enhancements to the XTAM product. This includes:

  • NetApp and Cisco Nexus Device Management
  • New RemoteApp MMC Snap-In Launcher
  • Advanced Search Options with Multiple Criteria
  • Generate Virtual TOTP and SMS Codes from the Record
  • OneLogin IDP Integration
  • Updated Browser Extension

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Details on all the XTAM updates are below.

New Check Status and Password Reset options are now included to support NetApp and Cisco Nexus devices. This increases XTAM support capabilities for network infrastructure. XTAM System Administrators can add these new scripts to existing record types to support their Network Management users.
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Directly launch MMC Snap-ins in a secure, recorded RDS session using the RemoteApp feature of your RDS server. System Owners can delegate specific aspects of domain, network and server management without exposing unneeded functionality or access to less privileged users.
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Compound queries can be constructed to support multiple criteria in a single search using the predicate AND. This new option can be extremely helpful in Vaults with a large folder and record structure to better narrow down search results. An example of a compound query would be type:Windows Host AND pass AND a:john which searches for all Windows Host records that contain pass in the Name, Description or any indexed field with permissions granted to the user john. You may also use the compound query search builder by simply clicking the plus (+) button located to the right of the Search box to visually add multiple criteria.
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XTAM records can now be combined with their Virtual TOTP and SMS Code generation. Previously, Virtual TOTP and SMS codes were generated using a second XTAM record, but with the latest XTAM version, Owners can now combine both the record credentials and virtual TOTP/SMS keys into one allowing for a more streamlined user experience.
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XTAM now supports integration with OneLogin IDP to defer user authentication to OneLogin using the SAML protocol. This option brings together the best of user identity and privileged account and access management in a single, integrated environment.
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Version 1.38 of the XTAM browser extension is now available in the Edge, Chrome and Firefox stores. The new version adds support for automatic population of non-credential fields like Company Name and the option to auto-click the submit button on most website forms.
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Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • A new API function to update a single record field;
  • Support to display Reference Record on Record View;
  • Active Directory password expiration message for logged in user accounts;
  • Improved RDS Farm connectivity; and
  • Option to rename the Virtual Drive in WEB RDP sessions.
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