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Your March 2020 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

Xton Named 10 Best Security Companies

We are extremely excited to be named one of the 10 Best Security Companies by CIO Bulletin. This award recognizes our development team and their dedication to continuously advancing the XTAM product to meet rapidly changing security requirements and providing a PAM solution built for today’s cloud environments. You can read the full CIO Bulletin article here.

Xton Access Manager Updates!

Below are the latest updates to XTAM including: new Active Behavior Analytics, guest account access from SSO logins; new workflow terminate options; and much more.

XTAM now includes a new Behavior Analytics component that actively monitors, logs and manages suspicious or undesired user activities. This component monitors your network for frequent access to sensitive data, excessive content download from managed end-points, uploading large binaries to critical infrastructure or high rate or execution of management functions. The active behavior analytics component creates an invisible watch guard that controls access to privileged resources yet does not interfere with routine administrator activities.
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XTAM adds support to grant guest access (or temporary access) to the system for users authenticated through external user directories using single sign-on mechanism. The option works by creating local user accounts, possibly with an expiration time, for the users successfully authenticated in the external user directories. Owners can grant access to assets to the guest account after activation and these guest accounts can also be members of local user groups.
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Authentication Audit Events Now Generated
The XTAM Audit Log report now includes login, authentication failure and logout audit log events to track user authentication activities. The option allows for tracking of failed authentication attempts as well as successful login and logout events in relation to the client IP address as well as the user. Authentication events are also generated when users connect using the XTAM SSH Proxy.
New Workflow Terminate Options
XTAM now includes more ways to terminate already approved, in process, workflow requests. Specifically, request approvers can now terminate requests even without permissions to access the record itself. This option allows to configure a clear separation between administrators accessing end-point servers and asset owners approving the access.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • New folder scoped search results;
  • An option to bulk update reference records;
  • Additional UI elements to distinguish inherited record fields; and
  • Enhanced Discovery Auto-Import options that supports the import of local accounts without requiring the host record to also be created.
Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.
What Governments Need to know about PAM
State and local governments are not immune from cyberattacks, which can paralyze towns, systems and daily operations. One way to minimize the risk is by managing access to sensitive information and paying close attention to privileged accounts. Read our latest article to learn more. How PAM Software Helps Governments


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