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Your March 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

Another month has past and the XtonTech team has been hard at work making better software for our customers. Our weekly release cycle has produced many new features, updates and fixes from this past month. Below are some of the highlights.

In addition, we would like to thank everyone who stopped by the XtonTech booth at the RSA Conference last week in San Francisco. It was a great show and we are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Secure IDs for Increased Security
XTAM can now be configured to display and require all internal object IDs within the system to a randomized form in both the GUI and API interfaces preventing outside observers from enumerating system objects. This function is enabled by default for all new XTAM deployments and can be easily enabled (or disabled at will) for all new or existing deployments.
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Our new Object Access Report allows you to easily answer the questions of “who”, “what” and “why” can interact with each managed object. This report details each user that has access, what level of access they have (Global Role, Global Permission or direct ACL) and if they obtained this access individually or due to group membership. Access to the report is conveniently located on the object permissions screen and as a drill down option on the global Inventory Report.
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SSH Proxy Support Extended for Dynamic and Pass-Through Credentials
Both the dynamic and pass-through credential features that have been previously supported only for use in browser sessions, are now FULLY SUPPORTED for use in native clients with SSH proxy sessions. Dynamic credentials allow for the connection to a remote endpoint with credentials specific to this user opposed to the credentials stored in the record. Pass-through credentials allows for the connection to a remote endpoint with the user’s personal credentials instead of the credentials stored in the record.
XTAM now supports the ability to use a private/public key pair as an authentication mechanism to the XTAM SSH Proxy. This enables browsing available assets and connecting to them using the XTAM SSH Proxy shell or connecting directly to the remote servers. Using the private key authentication mechanism when connecting to remote SSH servers simplifies access, promotes automation, reduces the number of passwords and increases overall network security. You may upload your own public key, generated by PuTTY, ssh-keygen or any other standard mechanism to XTAM or you could use XTAM to generate its own key pair for personal use.
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To better handle failed jobs caused by offline endpoints, machines located outside the corporate network or simply network disruptions, XTAM can now automatically re-execute failed periodic operations based on a configurable time period. XTAM Administrators can determine both the window (how long the job should be repeated) and interval (how frequently these fallback jobs should be scheduled) parameters for these fallback operations.
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