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Your June 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

The Xton team is gearing up for an exciting summer full of product updates and new features. In fact, the development team recently added support for YubiKey MFA, MySQL and SQL Traffic Capture and Recording, a new Record Archiving option to preserve history/logs, and automatic audit log archiving. See all the recent highlights below.

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YubiKey is a popular hardware device that provides a reliable second-factor authentication for account logins. This month Xton added support for YubiKey MFA when accessing XTAM. With YubiKey enabled for all or some of your users, XTAM allows a quick implementation of yet another form of MFA for administrator, root and other privileged accounts to further secure your assets and network devices.
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XTAM Session Manager can now save SQL statements to the Session Events Logs when connecting to a MySQL or MS SQL Server database through an SSH Proxy tunnel using native clients such as MySQL Workbench, MS SQL Studio, command line SQL prompts or other client applications. This option to record SQL traffic helps Managers, Auditors and Security resources to better understand typical administration activities, alert stakeholders about suspicious queries or to comply with industry regulations.
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XTAM now provides the record Archive option providing Owners and Admins greater control over their assets. The Archive option for records is useful for quickly decommissioning assets while preserving their related historical records, sessions and audit logs. Additionally, it temporarily suspends operations related to certain assets with the ability to quickly restore the operations when the asset comes online. Archived records remain in-place, while access to the asset is limited in functionality for both the user and XTAM itself.
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Save Remote File Transfer Content
Files that are transferred over a remote session (both to or from the server) are now saved in XTAM allowing key stakeholders to review the transferred content itself instead of auditing the transfer log event. The file transfer save feature is enabled by default for all recorded sessions, the file is available for download from the Session Event Report and all saved content is stored for a time duration based on the configured retention policy (default is 7 days).
Audit Log Archiving
System Administrators can now enable automatic audit log archiving. With archiving enabled, audit log entries are removed from the database and these older events are then saved to a CSV stored in the XTAM export directory for long term needs. The option is useful to comply with the organization electronic records retention policies as well as to limit the load on the system’s database.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Other XTAM additions include: a new Manager permission role to extend the option to control records and folders; a new System Access Report to represent all users who can access any areas of XTAM; the ability for a failed job to trigger another (for example, Password Reconciliation situations); the option to save your searches for quick access; and the ability to set a Time Window for job executions to better support scenarios like server maintenance windows. Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.


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