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Your July 2020 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

This month the Xton team celebrated our third anniversary. We’d like to thank our customers and partners for helping make Xton one of the best security companies! We remain committed to delivering a modern PAM software that is easy to implement, maintain and affordable.

This month our development team added a number of new features including support for the new Amazon AWS 64-bit Graviton2 hardware. Details on all the XTAM updates are below

With the release of the Amazon AWS 64-bit Graviton2 hardware using m6g EC2 instances, XTAM has been updated to support this ARM host allowing customers to realize cost savings and performance increases in their AWS infrastructure.
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Beginning this month, XTAM began rolling out a more advanced internal monitoring system to better report on the health of various services used through the application. XTAM System Administrators can review the state of all available processes directly from within the Administration portal (Administration > Settings > Application Nodes > Edit), they may subscribe to XTAM notifications that will automatically alert them and, if integrating with a SIEM, these audit events are also sent using Syslog.
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To better support high availability deployments or customers with occasional, unexpected downtime, XTAM can now be configured for alternate LDAP or Active Directory connections. This provides better system stability in cases of failed LDAP servers in clusters.
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By popular demand, XTAM’s HTTP Proxy now supports web portals that are configured with basic authentication to enable high-trust login to large class of WEB Portals to configure devices managing network infrastructure. The option works transparently for the users and administrators configuring the option automatically upon detecting the authentication type and using the appropriate protocol.
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Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Define a custom WinRM port for Windows remote task execution;
  • Configure custom keywords used for email approval of workflows;
  • Extended bread crumbs for easier navigation through the user interface;
  • Added workflow restrictions for time and reason requirements; and
  • Included support for Windows Wallpaper and Theme options during secure RDP sessions.
Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.
Resources to Manage Your PAM Implementation
Be sure to check out the Xton FAQs to help you better utilize and manage your PAM implementation. Some helpful FAQ includes:

Microsoft LAPS vs PAM
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