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Your February 2020 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

2020 is shaping up to be a great year. Here’s the latest company news and product updates:

  • We announced advanced RDP, SSH, HTTP Proxy Support. Read our latest press release
  • Going to RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 24-28? Meet the Xton team in Booth 42 at the RSAC Early Stage Expo and enter to win our Pocket PAM giveaway – a Raspberry Pi computer with XTAM installed!

Below are the latest updates to XTAM including: SMS Radius Support; a new discovery feature; enhanced search menu; MFA enforcement workflow binding option; and much more.

In January, we introduced a new option to require MFA code authentication sent to a user’s mobile device using SMS to login using non-interactive native clients such as RDP, sftp (WinSCP) or other applications. This new option allows a user to push an SMS code to the mobile device using the Push SMS button on the Management / My Profile / Preferences screen. The code received on their mobile device would then be used in the RDP or SSH proxy connection strings to establish their second factor authentication.
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The Discovery feature in XTAM now adds several new options for the discovery of local accounts during execution of its discovery queries. First, is the option to choose whether to discover all accounts on the connected computer or only privileged accounts currently defined as members of Administrators group for Windows computers and sudo group on Unix computers. Second, the auto-import process includes the option to import discovered local accounts into the XTAM vault. During the auto-import process the system will create a record for each discovered local account using the provided record type for local accounts which could be different from the record type of the discovered host. In addition to this, the auto-import process will assign a main record of the discovered host as a shadow record to manage local accounts on this device. The discovery process will also detect and auto-import new accounts appearing on the endpoint after recurring periodic scans.
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The Search center control on the top of the record browser now includes options to select the type of query to execute from a convenient drop-down menu. The queries include options to search records by name or other indexed fields, folders, object by permissions given to users and groups, archived records, recently created objects, records with unique task lists and many more. The goal of the Search center is to simplify access to the right records, expose hierarchical nature of the vault data, provide better insight into the vault content and to improve adoption of the system’s Search facility.
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Workflow bindings can now be configured to require a second multi factor authentication for the Connect, Unlock and Edit actions to confirm identity when accessing sensitive information for certain users, assets and environments in addition to the existing MFA prompts during login to the application. The new Binding option allows for greater security on certain assets when accessed by selected group of users, during certain times of a day or a week or from certain IP based locations.
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Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Optimized the Export process and updated the Database page with additional information;
  • Added keystroke events to RDP proxy sessions;
  • Added a Reference Record column selection to the Inventory report;
  • New option to define a user’s login starting view; and
  • Introduced a new single click Execute option from the Record List.
Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.
7 Numbers to Know
Undecided about investing in PAM software? Here are some startling statics that every company should know

  • 74% of breached companies say it involved access to a privileged account
  • 82% of breaches take more than a week to detect
  • 40% of companies are not aware how many privileged accounts they have
  • $3.92 million is the average cost of a data breach

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