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Your February 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

Another month has flown by and XtonTech has been hard at work making better software for our customers. As always our weekly release cycle has many new features, updates and fixes from this past month. Below are some of the highlights.
Also, if you are going to RSA in San Francisco please stop by and visit us at booth 39 at the RSA Early Stage Expo in the Marriott Marquis. Please support our co-founder Peter Senescu who will be speaking about Privileged Access Management on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the ESE Briefing Center. If you can meet please drop us an email at Learn more

OpenJDK 11 Support
XTAM now supports deployments using OpenJDK 11, the free and open source development of the Java Standard Edition Platform. New installations will soon come with OpenJDK 11 as the standard framework and for existing customers who would like to migrate, please contact Imprivata Support for further assistance.
Continuing our efforts to support MFA throughout the entire XTAM platform, the use of native, desktop SSH clients via the XTAM SSH Proxy now integrates with your MFA provider. After authenticating with their credentials, users will now be required to also input their MFA passcode or token to complete the process in their SSH client. XTAM can also be configured to generate its own required MFA token when authenticating with its SSH Proxy.
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XTAM records can now be configured to perform host name verification before any tasks (such as password reset or clean up local admins) are executed against an endpoint. This can further prevent abuse by reducing the ability to alter DNS in order to gain access to a Windows endpoint.
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Job Execution Windows (Cron Expression Builder)
The new time execution window setting is an expression defining a time execution window when system jobs and workflows will run. When this parameter is defined the jobs (password resets, workflows, etc. ) will be scheduled following periodic policies (such as daily, weekly and/or monthly) as usual; however, these jobs will be executed only during the specified time window. This expression can be written in a Cron format or you can use our graphical Expression Builder to define your custom window.
Single Session Enforcement per Record
To avoid potential session overlap, currently active sessions are now visible to all authorized users. System Administrators can limit each record to a single active session or you can continue to use the Workflow Engine with Checkout to enforce this behavior. This new feature introduces another option for exclusive session connectivity and accountability.
Actionable Path-based Navigation System
Added support to display permission trimmed paths to the folder and record view screen. Each element in this path is a clickable link navigating the user to the corresponding folder. The path is displayed on the top of a folder listing and a record view screen allowing users quickly understand the location (or multiple locations in case of links) of the current object in the folder hierarchy. Multiple paths will be displayed in case the object is linked to different folders.


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