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Your December 2019 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

Winter weather has arrived at the Xton office in Pennsylvania but that hasn’t slowed down our developers. Over the last month we’ve made a number of new XTAM product enhancements including:

  • Secure Remote Windows Sessions Using Native Desktop or Mobile RDP Clients (RDP Proxy);
  • Full Duo Security MFA Support for SSH Proxy Authentication;
  • Windows IIS WEB Containers Application Pool Owner Management
  • Improved MFA Token Management Interface; and
  • New Quick View Feature for Quick Access to Record Details.

Also, be sure to check out our latest post on the Challenge of MFA and Shared Accounts or download our KuppingerCole Executive View: Xton Technologies Access Manager. Details on all the XTAM updates are below.

XTAM now allows you to create secure, high trust, password-less remote sessions to your managed Windows endpoints using your native desktop or mobile RDP clients. XTAM added the ability to create RDP proxy sessions directly from your desktop or mobile device without downloading or installing any agents, custom launchers or deployment packages. Secure privileged sessions have never been easier or more convenient!
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XTAM expands its support for Duo Security, a popular MFA provider that offers a variety of second-factor methods of authentication and several options to integrate with user directories. We now added Duo Security as an MFA option to a user’s SSH Proxy access using native SSH clients including Duo Push, SMS, Phone Call and OTP modes to confirm your administrator’s identity. Previously, XTAM supported Duo Security as an MFA provider to access the WEB GUI and in-browser sessions. This recent XTAM update brings Duo Security MFA to access remote hosts as well as XTAM Shell using native SSH clients such as PuTTY, Secure CRT, MobaXTerm or ssh shell.
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XTAM can now be used to update the IIS Application Pool Owner accounts after resetting their local or domain account password. Password reset for the IIS Application Pool Owners requires updating application pools using this account often across multiple computers. As a result, system administrators tend to rarely, if ever, update the application pool owner accounts password. This leaves more opportunities for malicious agents to penetrate the network. Using XTAM, this update automates the procedure of changing the password of the application pool owner accounts following the update of dependent IIS services using this account.
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Improved MFA Token Management Interface
A new update has added MFA TOTP (Google Authenticator) and Yubikey token management to the MFA configuration screen to simplify assigning and resetting the keys for the system users. The option to reset tokens is still available on the Users report where it was before. The update consolidates various activities with the soft- and hard-ware tokens on the same screen. The update also introduces the option to disable WEB GUI MFA option to keep it for SSH Proxy only for the connections using native SSH clients.
Quick View Feature for Record Details
A new Quick View option for records in the item browser simplifies routine access to record fields and sensitive information. This new function provides a one-click option to quickly look at the record details, unlock a password or a PIN code, copy user or host to clipboard without leaving the folder browser screen.
Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • New Import and Export options for Local Users and Groups directory;
  • Support to Stream Session Events to Syslog or SIEM Systems;
  • Added the option to copy Folder hierarchies including Permissions and Workflow configuration;
  • A new MFA enforcement option for SSH Proxy Authentication only.
Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.
The Challenge of MFA’s & Shared Accounts
Do you need to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) to shared accounts? But which IAM user and what phone number is the token sent to? Therein lies the problem with shared credentials and MFAs. Learn how XTAM is helping address this emerging challenge.
RSA Conference 2020
Mark your calendars – XTON is headed to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 22-28, 2020. Visit us at the RSAC Early Stage Expo in Booth 42. Contact us to schedule a demo at the show.


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