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Your April 2021 XTON Access Manager Newsletter!

We have made several enhancements to the XTAM product. This includes:

  • Smart Card (X.509) Authentication
  • Solaris OS and VMWare ESXi Device Account Management
  • Custom Metadata Fields for Containers help Improve Search
  • New Personal Vault Non-Sharing Role for Tighter Security

Check out our latest blog on Zero Trust Network Access.

Details on all the XTAM updates are below.

Use Smart Cards, or other forms of browser installed certificates to authenticate users into the XTAM Web Portal as well as Remote Web Sessions.
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New Password Reset options are now included to support Solaris OS and VMWare ESXi devices to continually increase XTAM’s capabilities for network servers and infrastructure. Solaris account management supports both root and non-root user types. XTAM System Administrators can add these new scripts to existing record types to support their Server and Network Management users.
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Custom record fields can now be added to both Folder and Vault containers. These custom fields are used to display additional metadata on the Record List view and can be used for advanced folder search options. These fields improve general navigation and location of containers in the XTAM Web Portal, enhance folder search capabilities and provide for additional REST API integration techniques.
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A new role for Personal Vaults was introduced to allow for limited ownership where a user can create and manage the content of their Personal Vault but cannot share this content with other users. This new role enables tighter security constraints that are placed on the use of Personal Vaults in XTAM.
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Additional XTAM Extensions and Enhancements
Over the past 30 days we have made a number of additional enhancements to XTAM. These include:

  • Norwegian keyboard layout;
  • Support for RDP web and proxy sessions;
  • Search optimization for larger folder hierarchies;
  • Certified support for updated Framework, WEB Container and Session Manager components;
  • Support added for multiple Duo providers; and
  • Support for escape sequences to the Interactive SSH job execution strategy.
Read the Xton blog to stay up to date on all product enhancements.
Passwords and Shared Accounts
The recent SolarWinds hack has companies thinking about passwords and shared accounts. In a zero-trust security model, no one should ever know a password for a shared account. If you are using shared passwords, learn how XTAM can help.


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