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Xton Access Manager Product Update

Today we released our Xton Access Manager software. Release 2.3.201803252244 adds the following:

  • Support for workflow controlled high-trust login (without revealing password) to IBM AS/400 computers with the session recording and session events recording options
  • Support for workflow controlled access to MySQL Workbench Remote Application with high-trust login without revealing password, session and in-session events recording
  • Support for file transfer events recording for files upload and download during active sessions to remote computers
  • Support for remote XTAM job execution node securely communicating with the central XTAM Vault to support scenarios with cloud hosted XTAM Vault serving on-premises network or centrally located XTAM Vault serving several remotely isolated networks for password reset, password reconciliation, heart-beat, local administrators management and elevated script execution activities

XtonTech PAM privileged account management Product Update 2.3.201803252244 AS/400 MySQL Workbench login file transfer event recording remote XTAM node cloud MSP

Please review key features documentation and product news using the links below

There are some other issues fixed and new functions implemented. See release notes for details:

The software requires about five minutes to install on a freshly built Windows or Linux server or desktop with 1+ Gb RAM and no pre-requisites. After installation, please follow our Getting Started Guide for step-by-step introduction to the application.

Read the product documentation including Windows and Linux installation instructions as well as Getting Started Guide:

Follow this link for the instructions how to update the existing setup:

Check the software pricing, including options and licensing FAQ:

We appreciate your feedback and comments about Xton Access Manager and also about handling privileged accounts, passwords, keys and certificates as well as sessions to remote computers in general.

Thank you for your interest in our product.
Xton Technologies team

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