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Xton Access Manager Setup Video

Xton Setup Installation Five Minutes Privileged Account and Access Management PAM

Below is a 5 minute video demonstrating in real time how fast you can setup Xton Access Manager software on a freshly built Windows computer.

This setup installs all three components of Xton Access Manager: Identity Vault for secure shared password storage, Session Manager providing agentless access to remote computers without exposing credentials and Job Engine for policy based password reset and privileged account discovery. Watch our other videos for demonstrations of these individual features.

Privileged account and access management software used to be hard to install and to configure. Xton Access Manager changes this with simple approach to software maintenance, quick installation and quick value demonstration. Among other things, it allows users to easily try the software in the real environment before making a purchase decision.

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Xton Access Manager is an agentless, cross-platform privileged access management solution with unlimited licensing model built from the ground up with an enterprise feature set. Simple to implement, without your typical enterprise cost and effort.

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