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My auto-mechanic recently told me that they do not start the service with opening the hood anymore. They start it with connecting a car to a computer to get a picture of what is going on. Thinking machines take over all aspects of our everyday life. Process automation involves orchestration of multiple software components to produce more complex functions. Servicing computers, IoTs and network infrastructure became a business by itself. Such development created a new class of an information security and digital identity problems: privileged access management.

Xton Technologies 10 functions of privileged account management

Privileged identity is an identity used by a machine, an IT administrator or a service vendor. In other words it is an identity of someone or something not directly interested in the primary business performed by a process but rather in the process itself. We used to think about authentication and authorization applied to human actors in a prime line of business. Privileged identity brings to the area of information security powerful accounts with access to a lot of data without the need to understand the data but rather with the need to service the process itself. Managing privileged accounts is an independently standing cyber security activity exactly because privileged accounts have too much access, they often overlooked because there is no business will standing behind them however they are a lucrative target for attackers to take control of. Think about a cyber security power of many IoT devices like printers or web cameras with unchanged default passwords because who even knew they have passwords.

We have created this infographics below to describe activities designed to secure privileged accounts in the modern software world.

Infographics PAM privileged account and access management xton technologies

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Xton Access Manager is an agentless, cross-platform privileged access management solution with unlimited licensing model built from the ground up with an enterprise feature set. Simple to implement, without your typical enterprise cost and effort.

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