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We imagine a hacker as a mad scientist processing in his brain a stream of zeros and ones jumping on a scary green screen in search of security holes never seen before. Yet, we ourselves produce much simpler situations to trick our security systems. Can we call a hack an attempt to login with user admin and password admin? Looking at the problem from this perspective moves a large portion of information security issues from scientific to management area. The management area allows some degree of automation.

Xton Technologies Six Signs you need Privileged Account and Access Management System

Six Signs You Need a PAM Solution

We have created this infographics to demonstrate that simple automation will significantly reduce exposure to many sorts of information security attacks.

Xton Technologies Six Signs you need Privileged Account and Access Management System


Six signs that you need a privileged account and access management system.

  • You wrote admin password on the office whiteboard. WIFI Password was already there but the admin one crossed the line
  • Your employees carry Excel files with passwords. Moreover, you distributed some of them yourself as a part of the new employee welcome package
  • Contractors work remotely to maintain your equipment. Someone even found an operating modem in the datacenter to provide access for one of the vendors
  • You need to comply with regulations. You noticed an auditor in the office but not sure is it about NIST.SP.800-171, NIST.SP.800-55,ISO 27001,HITRUST or 21 CFR part 11
  • You do not remember changing factory default passwords. Who would have known that a surveillance camera has a password?
  • You call your admin too often. Why does it take an admin to generate a quarterly delinquency report?

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Xton Access Manager is an agentless, cross-platform privileged access management solution with unlimited licensing model built from the ground up with an enterprise feature set. Simple to implement, without your typical enterprise cost and effort.

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