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RSA Conference 2019 is less than a month away (March 4-8) and we are extremely excited to exhibit at this year’s show in the Early Stage Expo. In preparation for the event, I was looking at the list of keynote topics – which include engineering trust in a cloud era, data privacy and regulations, weaponization of the internet and AI. With topics like these, there will be lively discussions.

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As I talk to customers, here are 3 security topics likely to be on the mind of many RSAC attendees:

  • Regulations, fines and compliance – GDPR went into effect last year and companies are already feeling the pressure. French regulators recently fined Google $57 million for GDPR violations. Companies we talk to know that more regulations are coming (California Consumer Privacy act) – as well as the treat of steep fines. Many smaller and medium size businesses are trying to get ahead of regulations and potential security audit problems. They are moving beyond just talking about privileged access management and next generation access solutions. They are quickly purchasing and implementing PAM technology with strong audit controls.
  • Supply Chain Security and IoT – Today’s businesses rely on big data, analytics, cloud infrastructures and connected devices. This is especially true for anyone in operations and supply chain. Supply chains are undergoing a digital transformation as companies adopt smart manufacturing practices that require real-time access to systems and data, IoT devices and third-party partner access. The challenge is twofold – how do you protect data in this new connected environment; and how do you protect against security risks when each new data connection and access point has the potential to be a security vulnerability? To highlight the importance of this potential risk, RSAC has added a new conference track to help companies think about their supply chains, third parties and risk management. I expect this to be a growing topic for the high-tech supply chain as well as manufacturing in the years to come.
  • Talent Shortage and AI – There has been a lot talk in the industry about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. We see it every day as we talk to customers. Companies have a hard time finding qualified IT professionals with a background in security to help them meet regulations, secure their networks, and prevent future threats. And many smaller companies just don’t have the budget or resources to handle emerging security requirements. At RSAC, I anticipate discussions on workforce needs, STEM programs, as well as how AI and machine learning can help. There is an opportunity for AI to help automate basic IT tasks. In talking with IT professionals, they need security and IT solutions that go beyond just sending alerts (which are often ignored) to helping them understand the potential risk and automating simple tasks. This would allow IT professionals to be more efficient and able to focus on high-value activities.

RSAC Early Stage Expo

Attending RSA? Let us know what topics you are most excited to hear about.

I will be at RSAC along with my Xton colleagues in booth 39 at the RSAC Early Stage Expo located at the Marriott Marquis, a short distance from the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We will be showcasing a modern approach to privileged access management software that is agentless, cloud-ready, easy to install and affordable. With XTAM companies can control privileged passwords, secrets, certificates and documents to meet audit requirements while limiting the risk of security breaches.

We will also be debuting our new XTAM Hybrid Access Security Broker software which provides companies with secure access control for their corporate network and cloud infrastructure. It creates a security perimeter across hybrid IT environments to block malicious outsiders by forcing trusted users to go through XTAM to access corporate systems.

Or attend our presentation titled “Privileged Access Management: Making it Affordable and Easy” on March 7 at 10 a.m. in the RSAC Early Stage Expo Briefing Center.

Want to Attend RSA Conference?

Haven’t signed up for RSA but want to attend? Register for a FREE Expo Plus Pass on us with the code XEU9XTONTECH.

We look forward to seeing you RSA Conference in March!


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