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Privileged Access Management

Xton Access Manager is the simplest all-in-one PAM solution available without the price shock!

Xton Access Manager is a privileged access management platform that provides…

Xton Tech Feature
A secure AES-256 encrypted Identity Vault to maintain total administrative control over all your passwords, certificates, key, files, secrets and privileged accounts.
Xton Tech Feature
Privileged Session Recording to ensure all sessions are retained and can be used for diagnosis or forensic investigations, including keystroke logging.
Xton Tech Feature
Integrated Job and Policy Engine to automate Password Resets, Privileged Account Discovery and repetitive tasks.
Xton Tech Feature
Configurable Workflows to implement Dual Control or Four Eyes policies used to ensure additional security for your privileged systems and secrets.
Xton Tech Feature
Command Control used to implement Whitelist or Blacklist restrictions on which commands users can execute during remote Windows or Unix sessions.
Xton Tech Feature
Full system event and user Audit Trails that can trigger notifications and in-application alerts.
Xton Tech Feature
Unlimited Users, Unlimited Passwords and Unlimited Sessions with included Support and Updates.
Xton Tech Feature
Agentless, Scalable, Active Directory Integration, Multi-factor Authentication and more.

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    With XTAM, the idea is to give customers who need to secure their privileged accounts (and meet compliance requirements) the capability to do so without breaking the bank, with minimal disruption to daily IT functions.

    Jeffery Edwards

    Lead Editor, Solutions Review

    2017 Privileged Access Management Buyer’s Guide

    No additional modules or products required to secure your privileged access.

    We include everything with every license for one low price!


    Privileged Account Management

    • Protect your privileged accounts, passwords, certificates and keys from being insecurely shared or abused by inside and outside threats.

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    Privileged Session Management

    • Establish, monitor, restrict and record privileged sessions, block rogue operations from being executed, and create a full audit trail of events.

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    Privileged Jobs Management

    • Automate and delegate tedious and repetitive administrative activities like password resets with policy driven job execution.

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    Installation is a breeze. It takes 5 minutes to complete and supports virtually all computers; Windows, Unix and Linux as well as virtual and cloud based machines. No pre-requisites or agents required!

    Finally, Privileged Access Management simplified.

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    Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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    Manuals, Guides, FAQs and How-To Documents available for download.

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    The Many Uses of Xton Access Manager.

    Protect from Inside Threats
    Share Server Access with Remote Contractors
    Discover and Reset Default Passwords
    Rotate Privileged Account Passwords
    Decrease Attack Surface by Limiting Privileged Accounts
    Record Connected Sessions
    Store and Share Security Keys and Certificates
    Monitor Shared Account Access
    Enable Limited Permission Elevation for Non-Admin Users
    Securely Access Cloud or Remote Devices
    Maintain Strong Passwords for Privileged Accounts
    Discover and Lockdown Privileged Accounts
    Delegate Execution of Privileged Commands
    Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
    Provide Access to Cloud Network from a Single Entry Point
    Remove Hard Coded Password from Scripts and Code

    Compliance Solutions

    Xton Technologies Compliance
    Xton Technologies Compliance
    Xton Technologies Compliance


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    Xton Access Manager
    Privileged Access Management simplified.

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