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The Audit Log provides a report of audit events captured throughout the XTAM solution by all users and activities.

The following options are provided with the Audit Log report

  • Filtering is available for Time, Category and Level options.
  • Search is available to quickly locate objects using string based queries.
  • Export is available to export the available on-screen data to either a CSV, PDF or Password Protected Zip file.
  • Sorting is available by clicking on the desired column header.

The following information is provided as columns in the Audit Log report

  • Time: Displays the timestamp (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS) of the recorded event.
  • User: Displays the account that performed the recorded event. The account pamservice is used by the XTAM system for performing background or scheduled tasks. This is not a user account.
  • IP: Displays the detected IP address of the user that performed the recorded event.
  • Object: Displays the name and provides a link to the object (record or folder) that is associated to the recorded event.
  • Category: Displays the category (used to organize events based on relationship) of the recorded event.
  • Level: Displays the level of the recorded event. Level includes INFO, WARNING and ERROR.
  • Event: Displays the type of the recorded event. Type includes examples like Edit, Create, Connection, Update Queue Records and more.
  • Message: Displays any system messages associated to the recorded event.

XTAM Reports Audit Log

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