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Why is my master password so important and what would I possibly need it for in the future?

During Xton Access Manager (XTAM) system installation, it is stressed that the master password generated and displayed be saved to a file and stored in a safe location. Here we will explain the importance of your Master Password.

Xton Tech Master Password Examples

Master Passwords generated and displayed during installation. Windows installation on the left and Unix on the right.

Xton Access Manager encrypts sensitive data stored in its backend database using an AES-256 algorithm. This algorithm is based on the master password that XTAM uses to lock and unlock encrypted data. Without the master password nothing can decrypt sensitive data in your XTAM database which is a good thing because there is no backdoor to circumnavigate this algorithm. However, in the unfortunate event when the master password is lost it would be helpful to have it available for restore to make sure that encrypted data could be decrypted by the trusted password holder. This is why it is important to save your master password in a safe place during system installation.

XTAM secures your master password in its Directory Service component. The Directory Service component could be hosted on a separate computer to increase overall system security by keeping encrypted data and the master password on different physical machines. XTAM generates a master password for each farm during installation of the Directory Service component of this farm. It is vitally important to save the master password to a safe place after installing Directory Service. Please note that encrypted export file does not include a master password for the security purposes. The only way to access a lost master password is to save it during installation.

Unfortunately, if the password is lost then your data cannot be decrypted by anyone, so please do save it to a file and store it in a safe location. It only takes a minute to do and can potentially save a lot of pain and heartache in the future.


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